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Sunday, May 17, 2015

Hope to see you at my new blog.     Put this in your search box on your computer. When I did it (just now) it was the first thing to pop up. Then just click on it like you do whenever you do a search. I hope you can find it.
I am still hoping to see people that are followers here look at my new blog. I think some people were having trouble finding it, so I wrote out directions above. Hugs, Teresa

Friday, May 1, 2015

Addy of new blog

I started a new blog in hopes that I don't run into the problems I had with this one.
My new blog is: 
I hope that many of you will follow me over there! Hugs, Teresa

Saturday, March 7, 2015

Beautiful day at an icy Lake Michigan

Cave Point in Door County Wis. I love how these trees grow in the rocks. Well these are dead, but there are many that live like this with their roots exposed!
Rocky and ice covered. As you can also see how the wind drives the water onto the trees and makes some pretty sculptures.
Another example of how the water freezes on the trees.
I love the multi level ice on these rocks.
A longer view of the shoreline looking south.
Just in case you were getting tired of seeing white and grey.
Branches encased in ice.  This is so pretty when you see it in person.
Looking north. This will give you an idea of how tall these cliffs are.
Some more ice encased trees.
One lonely icicle
He was there to greet us when we pulled into the parking space. I love his mohawk!
Cave point is one of the most photographed places in Door County. It is beautiful in every season. I am so glad that we made it up there before the warmer weather hits this week.  Today it was up in the high 30's and suppose to hit almost 50 degrees this next week. Funny how 30's seems like a heat wave in winter and a cold snap in fall! I hope you enjoyed the trip we took today. It was so nice to get out and see Mother Nature. Hugs, Teresa

Wednesday, January 28, 2015


O.K. I am so done with this! Now I can't even get your posts to come up. Says I am not following anyone! I am finished. So disqusted with it. I have some of you in favorites and will follow you that way. But I don't have everyones. I do get a few of your posts in my e-mail. If you have a way to let me subscribe to your posts and get them in my e-mail I would apprieciate it.  Sorry for the rant...but! Hugs, Teresa

Saturday, January 17, 2015

Closing my blog!

Or I should say that I will keep it open so that I can read your posts and comment.  It has become a pain for me to use. Not able to post pictures again. I am so tired of fighting with it. I will post once in awhile to keep it open. I don't want to lose you. I know that I do get some of your posts in my e-mail and can access them from there, But I don't have all of them and I don't think I can comment. I am just so tired of fighting with this. I took some more pictures today and can't even load one! I do have a facebook account and I think you can see the pictures even if you don't have a facebook account. Let me know if you want the link. Please include your name and blog name though in the e-mail. If you comment on this it goes to my e-mail account and hopefully I can send you the info personally.
Hugs, Teresa

Thursday, January 1, 2015

Ice shoves and a hot sunset!

We went to Calumet Park today to see the ice shoves. It was so cold and windy that we couldn't stay out there long. But we weren't disappointed. Jeff is 6 feet tall, so you can see just how big these pieces of ice were.

Ice as far as you can. This is early, but we have had warmer tempuratures and it has been very windy. That has brought the ice in. You can actually see open water in the distance.

Pretty blue ice!

More blue ice. Beautiful!

It didn't pile up on the north end as much. But there is still alot of ice.

Then we came home to a firey sky. We have had such cloudy days lately that it has been impossible to see a nice sunset. It has been a long time since I have seen such a glowing sky.
I hope everyone has a great, happy and healthy New Year!
 Hugs, Teresa

Sunday, December 28, 2014

I saw one!!! I really did!

Isn't she beautiful! I am 59 years old and have finally seen my first snowy owl!! Funny thing is that she was only about 5 minutes from my house! I probably wouldn't have noticed her but I knew that they were in this area and saw people below the telephone pole looking up at her. Snowy owls come into our area in the winter for the hunting. Then move back to the artic in the spring. One of the people there said that they saw 3 yesterday in that area. We drove around, but this was the only one we saw. But Hey, I will take one over none. I went back today but none were to be found. I was hoping that I could get a shot of one against the bright blue sky.

Here she is on top of a hotel. Great place to perch while looking for prey! We saw her swoop a few times. She had something on the ground, but couldn't see what she caught.

Another shot of her keeping an eye out for supper. When we saw her it was later in the day. Gloomy day and starting to lose the light. These owls hunt in the day time. So we were doubly lucky to even see her.
I have a request. A couple I know are having a rough time the last few days. Their pupster is very sick. Actually he is dying. They have been by his side as he goes from this life into the next. I haven't heard anything today so he may have passed away by now. Please pray for them as it is hitting them very hard. As you know. Some of consider our fur, feathered, gilled friends as family. We grieve just as hard for them as our human family. Thank you for any thoughts and prayers that you give to them. I have gone through this many times myself and it is very devestating.
Thank you for reading my blog and I hope that your New Year brings you joy and happiness. Also strength for the times when you need it. Hugs, Teresa