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Sunday, February 24, 2013

Too nice to stay inside...found some beauty

Lighthouse in Algoma Wisconsin
With the breakwall
Snow fence. I love the shadows
Boardwalk I had to climb a snow bank to be able to walk on it. I could have gone down the steps, but no room on the road for me and cars.
The beach is a ways down from the road. The snow plows tossed the snow to the side, some rolled down the hill onto the beach.
This bench is just waiting for me. I will be back this summer. 
Another fence of course.
You can jump from one to another, just make sure you stop at the last one. lol
Now we are in Kewaunee Wisconsin. The gulls are coming in for a landing.
One boat was in the water.
And one was in a yard.
Hills of snow. So Pretty
Driftwood on the beach
So cool how the ice and snow covered these. Pretty against the water.
Looks like a small lake in the snow.
These pillers are wearing a skirt! They even have fringe!
Looks like the lightkeepers house is in the clouds.
Snow everywhere!
Funny how the distance between the lighthouse and keepers house is difference depending where you stand.
Looks like the lake tossed snowballs onto the shore.

It was such a beautiful day out there. Actually had sunshine!!! Neither of these places are all that far from where I live. Less then an hour each, no matter which one I went to first. Probably about an 1/2 an hour or so from one to the another. So going to each was crtainly in reason. Even with the late start. I didn't leave hom until almost 1pm and was home by 5:15. So I had plenty of time on each beach.
After the last month or so today has been a gift. Losing Murphy last month was so hard. I really needed a nice day to regroup. Not that I was still in tears all the time. Each day got better, but I needed to have a day to get out and explore. Cabin fever always hits about this time of year. I am so over winter. But then again look at the snowy beauty I found today!! SO COOL! I don't know why I never went to these places in winter before.
Have a great week everyone! Hugs, Teresa

Saturday, February 9, 2013

Waiting for dad...

So tired!
Do I hear him?
False alarm
For real this time!
Story by Tanner the Pembroke Corgi. Not many words. You have to watch those ears. Or as my humans put it, my sattalight dishes.

It actually let me post pictures on the first try today!!!
I haven't been around for the last month. Heart wasn't in it. Losing Murphy was so hard ( our English Cocker) . But we are moving on with our lives. We contacted a friend/breeder of EC's and she is going to breed a female in late March/early April. That means that we should have a new puppy around July or August! Seems like a long time to wait, but it will go fast. Of course this will NEVER replace Murphy in our hearts. He was very special. This may seem fast as he has only been gone for one month, but by the time the puppy is ready to leave mom we will be ready. The love Murphy gave us will be passed on. Hard to expalin but I think Murphy would approve.
Freezing rain predicted for tomorrow. YUCK. We have had a lot of snow latley. I don't have to work so maybe I will actually get something done. Sometimes not being able to get out helps! lol. Jeff has to work though. So it will be quiet here. Maybe I will even get crafty!
I hope everyone has a great Sunday. Hug, Teresa