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Saturday, September 27, 2014

Do you ever get an idea and....

Just can't decide on where to go with it.
I have an idea in my head about making a quilted panel for the top of the window in my room. I am thinking of using a pattern for a table runner. Just can't decide on a pattern. Plus I don't want to pay big $$$ for a pattern that I will use 1 time. I have done a little quilting, but not an expert by any means. The window is a double so it is wide. 63 inches. Any ideas anyone?
 It is very warm here today. Almost 80 degrees. Very warm for the end of Sept. But after the winter, spring and summer we had this year it shouldn't surprise me. The flowers and bushes all did well. Some even exceptionally well. But lets not talk about the veggies. Except to say that the harvest was a lot less then usual! But some years are just better/worse then others. Just the way it goes. I told Jeff not to judge this years seeds, etc as the weather was just so weird. We never seemed to get the right temps, conditions at the right time. It was a truely mixed up summer. It is that time of year again. Time to start cutting back plants. Looking a little ragged out there. I never look forward to that as it seems like it makes winter seem so close. But that is the way of life. Everything has it's season and luckily every season has some beauty. Might have to look harder in winter....but it is there.
My mom is doing well yet. No bad pain from the cancer yet. Tires easier, but that can also be part of her age. I tease her that she is 85 and not 80 anymore. (she was very active at 80). She is terminal. So we never know when things will change. Day by day is how we have to think of this. But it sure doesn't make it any easier. Yes, we have had her here for a lot of years and we are very lucky. ( alot of people I know have lost parents at younger ages. My husband lost his mom when she was 55.)
Not much else going on. I have been reading everyones posts. Just haven't done a lot of commenting. So I am sorry about that. But some days I just have the energy to read. Hugs, Teresa
Sorry no pictures today. They just don't seem to want to load. :(