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Wednesday, September 26, 2012


I still can't upload any pictures to my posts. Plus I wiped out my Picassa albums! I don't know how I even did that! Luckily all my pictures are in other albums on my computer! Also downloaded most of the pictures onto back-up disks. I think we better downlaod the rest!  Well now I should be able to start over with all new space! lol. Wait until my hubby hears about this one! :~  As long as the pictures are somewhere on my computer I am not worried. I think I can import them back onto Picassa if I want to. What a way to start the week. lol. If I want them back I am sure that Jeff can find out how. I knew I kept him around for a reason. LOL. Don't tell him that I said that! Maybe just restore the computer to a date in the past. Who knows. Have to laugh or I would cry some times.
Nice day today. It was pretty cold all weekend. It is really starting to look like fall now. Trees are really starting to change into their fall colors. I hope to get out on saturday to see all the pretty scenery. Not sure if we will be at peak for color yet this weekend.
Have a great day everyone. Hugs, Teresa

Saturday, September 15, 2012

Trying week! and other thoughts.

I haven't been on here much lately. Reading, but not posting.
Last Sat we found out that our dog Murphy has a kidney disease. Of course I am a basket case. Tuesday he goes in for an x-ray to make sure that there isn't any other problems. Cancer, stones. calcium deposits, etc. I get very emotional when it comes to my dogs. Probably too much. If there aren't any more problems he could possible live for a couple more years. With a diet change. Which we have started. No promises of course. I wish tuesday was over. I think I will be better ( I hope) after I know more. All this unknown just gets to me. So if you can think about us and prayers will be apprieciated. He will be 11 in Dec. So I know that he has had a good life. The vet does think that we did catch it early even though he is in stage 3. So that is a good thing. Just have to through the tests on Tuesday. I hate being so emotional...but it is the way I am.
Work isn't helping.  There is something going on there. We had the talk that some of us need to change our attitudes. Not happy you know where the door is. He doesn't want to have to fire anyone, etc. ut he will if certain peoples attitudes don't change. But luckily the boss came up to me and said that he wasn't talking about me! Since we had this new company come in to run our dept there has been a lot of unrest. Negativity, etc. They are use to being in the hotel business, not the hospital business. I am so glad that I am not a new employee as there isn't the training that we had when I started.
This is really a downer posting! Sorry!
The good news is that The Greenleaf Dollhouse contest is due to announce the winners the first week of Oct and then we get to see all the eye candy! I have seen some of the entries from the people on the forum. But there are people outside the forum that have entered also. I CAN'T WAIT to see EVERYONES entries! The ones I have seen so far are wonderful! I posted my entry pictures a few posts ago. I am pleased with it.
WOW!  When I was driving to work the other day I noticed how everything is starting to change color. Just starting to get that fall look. Enough to let you know that the colors will be here soon. It sure doesn't seem like mid Sept is here already! Gardens are starting to really look tired. I plan to go out today and see what needs to be cut back. With the heat this summer I wasn't out there as much as usual. Summer went so fast!
I have to investigate putting pictures on here again. I think it was Deb who posted about how she got her pictures to work again. My blog really looks boring without pictures!
 I hope everyones has a great weekend. Hugs, Teresa

Wednesday, September 5, 2012


Can't post pictures again! Try again tomorrow!
I have been looking at the spring fling dollhouse contest pictures. Lots of competition! People get better and better every year! It is so cool to see what everyone has done with the same kit. Everything from gardening, to magical to morraccon and more! Just amazing. (Greenleaf Dollhouse Company Contest). I know that I have really stretched my skills this year. But that is what the contests and hobby is, pushing yourself to the limits of your skills and then some. Creativity is like that. Too always strive to be better. No matter if it is dollhouse building, painting, sewing, knitting, crocheting, etc. You never know what you can do unless you push yourself! I guess life is like that also. You have to strive to be a better person. More giving, understanding, loving, You can't stay stagnant. Even when you feel beat down you have to strive to show strength and perseverence ( is that a word?).  For me to stop learning is to give up. No one can stay in one spot. We must always give our all to say we live. Getting deep here tonight! Hugs, Teresa

Sunday, September 2, 2012

My Greenleaf Dollhouse Contest Entry--finally am able to post pictures!

This is my entry for the Greenleaf Dollhouse Company Contest! I took the pictures in my Real Life garden. I combined some of my favorite things. Dollhouse creating and gardening. Plus photography. I had a lot of fun with this one..not saying that it wasn't frustrating at times!
I made the inside into a gift shop. I used a lot  of the "china" that I love in this one. The greenhouse was a challenge as it is small and furniture didn't fit. So I put in benches with plants. You can see the paio doors between the shop and greenhouse.
Overview of the house and yard. The solar panel started out it's life as a sunroof. We cut the edges down to make it into a solar panel. Otherwise it would look like the smaller roof. To me ( and just my opion of course) it would have been too much glass. Of course this meant making a new roof under it.
Another view with a different background. We have so many plants in our garden that I had a lot of "backgrounds" to use.
View of the solar panel.
We all start with the same kit. Basic. Smooth walls. You can do pretty much whatever you want with it. I put board and batten on the walls. I also put a patio door in, solar roof panel and A LOT of landscaping. I used small clear plastic cases ( that some miniature items came in) for display counters. I think it helped to make the shop look less crowded. People are starting to put their entries up at the Greenleaf Dollhouse site. It is interesting to see what other people did with the same kit. The 3 that I have seen so far have all had a different theme. One many different ideas.  That is what makes this hobby so interesting. Stretching your limits, learning new skills, creativity and forming new friends.
Blogger was being a pain for me the past week! Wouldn't allow me to post pictures. Now tonight it would allow some. Some I tried 3 times before they would go in. It was maddening. Hopefully it is over it's temper tamtrum now and I can post more often! Hugs, Teresa

No pictures again. But here is a link to my dollhouse contest entry. pictures

I wanted to put pictures of my dollhouse entry. But again I can't seem to load them on here! I will let you see them as soon as Blogger will let me add pictures to my posts again. This is so frustrating! Anyone else having problems with this again?
BUT... Here is a link to my Facebook account if you want to see them.