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Sunday, June 17, 2012

Made me think and photos from vacation

We found this one at a garden fair while we were on vacation. I love it. It reminds me of how far I have come. For all those years of being depressed and not wanting to live my life to being set free! What an awful time in my life. Now I am off the meds that I was on for years! Still have bad days. But most of my days are very good now. On my worst day I heard a voice telling me to GET HELP NOW. I really fell like it was my grandpa speaking to me He had been gone for a lot of years by then.  It is so sureal that I went through years and years of not caring if I was alive or not. This is heavy, but it was my life for quite a few years.
I think this farm is so pretty! The southwestern part of the state is so much more hilly then the part I live in. This is on the way to Cave Of The Mounds.
Stalagites. It takes 100 years to grow an inch! The colors are from all the minerals in the rock.
The stalagtites and stalamites joined together at this point.
The grounds were very hilly and rocky. It is so pretty with the way they planted around the rocks.
Pelican flower. Olbrich botanical gardens near Madison Wi.
Never saw these kind of orchids before!
Who would ever think these are orchids. I think they are from Africa. So PRETTY!
This an attach bird! Female red wing blackbird. Just ask Jeff. They had a sign when you went into the gardens that the birds are sitting on nests. If they swoop at you just move on. For some reason this one really took a dis-liking to Jeff. It attacked him 3 times. Even after he left the area. It left me a lone though. I told hom that it was just his turn as I kept getting attached by the robin at home! lol.
This was gifted to the universary from the Thialand government. There is a lot of gold leafing. But it is coming off in parts because of people touching it.
This is one of the first walk ways that you come to. Too pretty for words. I could put up many more pictures. But you get an idea of two of the places we visited on vacation. I hope you enjoyed the trip. Hugs, Teresa

Monday, June 4, 2012

Clouds. I love them

Here they come over the trees!
White flames!
Very wispy!
I call this one fish bones!
Clouds exploding!
A lot of wisps!
The country is such a great place to take cloud pictures. Most were taken out of the car window as we were driving.
Tomorrow we are going to go to a cave and a botanical garden. Let's see what I can find at those places! Hugs, Teresa

Sunday, June 3, 2012

Flowers (of course) and a question

Gaillardia (blanket flower) I love the bright colors. I think this is Amber Waves. But it is too dark out there to check the tag. We make metal tags out of chain fencing flat metal lengths ( I don't know what they are called.) and then I engrave them.
Will Goodwin Climatis. First time it bloomed for us. Bare all the way up the stem and then some leaves on top with one flower. But Hey it finally bloomed!
Gaillardia blowing in the wind. Very windy this morning.
Our painted daisey always has some strange blooms. 2 flowers on one stem! Some of the flowers have enlongated centers, some like a filled in figure 8 and some normal. Interesting to see what will open up next.
Black mini iris. Some of the petals look like velvet. This one is about as black as your going to get. It doesn't show the purple/red as much as some black flowers do.
Sorry sideways. John Kelsey on the left and William Baffin on the right. Baffin is almost solid with flowers since I took this picture. Kelsey doesn't grew as fast, but he is starting to catch up. Baffin is almost to hardy. We had to support the arbor with lengths of re-bar. He was pulling and twisting the arbor. Maybe next year Jeff will build a much stronger arbor.
This is the top of the arbor. this is the first year that they actually met in the middle! Kelesey left and Baffin right. I guess that we shouldn't mix red and pink...but oh well!
Here is the question! Anyone reconise this moth. The astennia are white. there is a white spot about 2/3rds of the way down each wing. He is more of a greyish brown. At least 2 inches long and 1-1/2 wide with mostly closed wings. Seems to crawl most of the time. At least the couple of times that I saw him. Interesting moth. At least right now he is. Might change my mind if I find out what he is! lol.
On vacation starting today (saturday). So who knows what I will have for pictures next. Maybe not flowers AGAIN. Hope no one is getting sick of flowers.
Have a great day. Hugs, Teresa