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Saturday, October 19, 2013

Another colorful trip

We went to High Cliff State Park today. I was hoping for more color, but it was still pretty. These are old kilns from their limestone operation.

This stretch was pretty red. All areas were different.

Curvy roads all trough the park.

I thought that this fence line was very pretty.

The Niagara escarpment runs from Niagara New York to Mid Wisconsin. There are a lot of cliffs all over the park.

More rock formations.

Some of the paths were pretty rugged! It is amazing how little soil there is for plants and trees to grow.

Very pretty tree. This one just glowed.

Another bend in the road. Nice to green, reds, yellows and oranges.

This roadside view was so pretty.

Turkey vulture. I wish I could see one perched! These birds are HUGE!
The weather was a lot nicer then we expected. We were suppose to have rain off and on all day. It never started until we were on our way home. I hope everyone else had a great day. Hugs, Teresa
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Monday, October 14, 2013

A little color in my life

This is looking over our fence and down the block.

Just a picture of the Indian Plantain with it's purple stems.

Blushing pear. She doesn't look happy or she is thinking very hard.

A road in Door County Wisconsin. More red leaves there then here.

Another road in Door County. For a side road in the country it was hard to pull over to take pictures. I guess everyone was out to look at the leaf change..

This tree just glowed!!

Color as far as the eye can see!

Then I went to Cave Point in Door County. Not as much color as the interior of the pennisula, but still pretty.

A little more color on this group of rocks.

Sheep grazing. Very sunny. Even the sheep glowed.

Driving to Door County you go through an area where they had to blast away the rock to build the highway.

On the way home I took a couple of pictures of a road going from the highway down to the Bay Of Green Bay.

You can see how hilly it is in this picture. Look at all the colors of different plants.
The color won't last much longer here. We are going to be in the 30's here the next few nights. Well maybe from now on until winter hits. Plus the weather guessers are predicting rain for the next few days. Already cloudy, so they might be right!  I am NOT ready for the colder weather! But I guess I don't have control of that, so I will have to take what comes. :(  lol. Is anyone else getting anything else when you click onto my blog? I was informed by another reader that they get a monetary ad or something and have to close their browser to get out. I know that sometimes when I go to certain blogs a lot of windows pop up and I have to close my browser to get out. I will be checking this out in case I my blog is having problems. Hugs, Teresa
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Sunday, October 6, 2013

Just some color as we drove around today and misc.

Pretty farm and look at the red leaves behind it.

This is the channel between Shawano Lke and Washington Lake. Love the reflections more then the actual trees.

This dock and bench is a nice peaceful place to sit. We have done a lot of fishing here.

This is at the landing at Loon Lake. The part in the back of the picture is actually an island. There are ospreys and bald eagles on the island. Another favorite for fishing. When we had the boat that we sold this spring, we fished a lot on the back side of the island. Northern, bass and blue gills.

Here is one of the bald eagles. I took it with my new camera. Even with a 50x zoom ability it was really stretching the camera's limits.

This is the northern part of the lake. Pretty area all year around.

Now to take a look at a goofy puppy! 14 weeks old today!

This spider must have thought that he was SPIDER MAN as the anchor line comes down from the power lines. That is far rappel. I also like how the web is cupped. I think it is just amazing how complex the webs are. Spiders are true architect's!

Another look. You can see the bowl shape better.

This downey woodpecker actually sat still long enough for me to get a few shots. Usually they are so busy pecking away at the tree that you have to shoot a lot of pictures to get one that isn't blurry.
 The leaves are starting to change colors. I think later this week they will be at peak color. Hopefully next weekend I will be able to get out to take more pictures. As you can see there are a lot of trees that haven't started to change yet. Have a great week everyone. Hugs, Teresa
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