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Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Mini traveler.

Jazz at is sending this lady on a trip around the world! I am hoping to be included. I have done this before and it is so much fun! Looks like she is anxious to get started on her trip!

Saturday, July 21, 2012

Saturday color and visitors.

Our newest lily. Rose lily. We ought it about a month ago, but with the drought we haven't planted it yet. Isn't the bloom beautiful! It is a double flower.  They had advertised it at a local garden center and I had to have one!
I Love the color of this daylily. Red Shed Lavender. I might have posted it before.
Double Decker coneflower. The last two years it has done well. Before that we had to nurse it a long. One year it was eaten way down by the earwigs.
He's back! I finally have gotten a picture of the hummingbird moth! Hard to get as he never stops flying from plant to plant. I wish I could get him with his wings still. Fat chance on that! It doesn't work that way. But I am so glad to get this one!
The gold finches have been busy today eating the seeds off the flowers. We have a lot of them here. They are so pretty.
Of course chippy has to make himself known. Sounds like he is tap dancing in thsi pipe!
Murphy is reminding me of how late it is getting. Ha Ha Tanner. You don't get any toys. Well, he would if he would just stop pushing them under things. ( Don't look at the carpet. It is older then dirt).
Sweet dreams everyone. Hugs, Teresa
P.S. we have gotten about 3 inches of rain in the last few days. Cucumbers have taken off. Picked some today. Also lots of tomatoes. Everything looks so fresh now. :)

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Rain! Glorious rain!

Enough rain on the roof to give the rain chain a work-out!
This little guy was getting very dry. Not sure if he is a frog or toad. I don't know if toads can climb. Never really thought of it.  ut he was just hanging around.
Rain drops on the plaintain. I love the bluish stems on this plant.
Just because I love my daylilies. This is one of the most colorful out there right now. But with 50+ I would be hard pressed to say what my favorite is!
Our cactus is blooming! Hopefully the part on the left will keep growing as usually the mother dies out after blooming.

We were almost ready to concede to the elements and admit that we were going to lose some plants if the rains didn't come soon. ( we had 20 days in the 90's, yesterday was 89!). Watering from the hose just is not the same as rain water. Luckily most of the plants were in for a few years. That has helped a lot with their making it in the drought. But plants are a miracle and they bloomed like crazy. I am so glad that we brought the 20 yards of mulch in this spring. At least the watering we did stayed in the ground. The lawn is dormant right now. But I bet it will green up again now. This weekend is suppose to VERY hot again. But my mood is great now and I will deal with that when it comes again. Hugs, Teresa

Friday, July 13, 2012


Left side of backyard. Veggies and flowers. 1/3 of of backyard.
Rain...I see you in the western part of the state. Please don't break up before you reach us.
Rain... we are waiting for you. Less then 2 inches in june and half of july is not enough.  
octopus flowers
Rain...octopi can't survive without water!
Crazydaisey shata daisey
Rain...We are lined up and waiting!
Rain...I am reaching for you. Please come to me.
Rain...I have been waiting. Maybe listening to the flowers talk will convince you to show up on the eastern part of the state.
Hugs, Teresa

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Even with the drought

Astralagus Canadenses    Very different flowers. All green.
Some of our 50+ daylilies
Wild quanine (prairie plant) with Ruby Star coneflower
? lost the tag for this one. It is saying "GIVE ME RAIN"

Blanket flower
Strawberry allium. The bees love them.
We did get a tiny bit of rain the other day! This is off the sunroom roof so it looks like a lot more rain then there really was.
Compass Plant flower. Another prairie plant. Tap root goes down 10 feet or more. Not easily moved. Sunflower type flower. But I love this shot.
Salome Double Booked daylily. All lined up.
Green Envy coneflower
Red Shed Lavender daylily ( Solaris Farms Wi. bred)
Midnight Embers daylily ( Rosehill Gardens Onieda Wi bred)  Very rich reddish brown.

Even with the loss of rain these last couple of months the plants are doing great! There are a couple of trees though that are infested with japanese beetles. Skellitizing the leaves. We have picked a few tomatoes so far, green peppers are starting to get size, beans are budding, cukes are running, carrots are growing, hopefully not just the tops. lol. I just checked the radar...there is no rain at all in the state! It is suppose to be another dry week. The corn fiels are getting very dry. I don't know if the crop can be saved yet. Floods, Fire and drought. Kind of scarey!
I have been working on my Greenleaf Dollhouse contest build. Nothing spectacular, but I like it. Another month or so (deadline Labor Day) and I can show pictures. I can't believe the artistry of some of the builders! Looking at the pictures you wouldn't believe that these are dollhouses! Wish I had their talent. But am pleased with how mine turn out. Each contest pushes me to try new methods. I do have a couple of my houses in my side bar.
Well I had better go. Supper to be made. (What do you call the evening meal). Hugs, Teresa