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Wednesday, August 28, 2013

August flowers

Astrantia Pink Pride

Turtle head Celone

Helen's Flower  helenium autumnale

This one has so many names. Naked Lady, Mystery Lily, Resurrection Plant, to name a few. The leaves come up earlier in the spring. Then die back around july. August brings the stalks of flowers. No leaves. 

Hummingbird mint. Ava

Rubeckia Henry Eilers

Black eyed Susan nestled in the False Indigo

Tie Dye Hybiscus Why do these always have to bloom when we get more rain. They are so delicate that the rain ruins the flowers. But they are so pretty on nice days when they first open and it is dry out.
 We are still getting some bloomers. Not as many as July when all the daylilies bloom. But it is still pretty out there.
The puppy (Summer) is growing and getting sassier. Poor Tanner sounds like a lion at times. But she has to learn to stay out of his face. Of course they are never alone in the same room. One of us is always watching. Just in case they get too rough. Of course this limits my time on the computer. So my posts may be sparse. Not that they were every day as it was. So if I don't put many comments on your posts forgive me. I do read them though. Hugs, Teresa
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Friday, August 23, 2013

Day trip on thursday!

We went to the Garden Door at the Peninsular Agricultural Research Station just north of Sturgeon Bay Wisconsin.  Gorgeous place. Not huge, but very nice. It was behind some pole buildings so if you didn't see the sign you would miss it.

Fairey garden. Little houses, etc scattered around in this bed.

Black Eyed Susans everywhere. I can just imagine all the birds when they start to go to seed!

Another view. So much color.

Tree branch fences. These were behind the grass gardens. So many different kinds of ornamental grasses!

Stone fences planted with mostly sedums.

This was pretty cool. You stand facing the sign. place one foot in the correct month tile and straddle the center line. Raise your arms over your head and clasp your hands together. Your shadow will fall on the right time tile. Human sun dial. 

Usually the annuals don't look so good at this time of year. These were gorgeous.

One of many mosaic benches in the gardens.

Maple. Pretty seed pods. (helicopters as we call them here...what do you call them?)

This is what kept us home much of the week. She will be 10 weeks old on Sunday. Housebreaking is going well. She has been going to the patio door when she has to go out. Only one accident in the last 3 days. YEAH!

Tanner looks like us like this sometimes. Like mom make her leave me alone. Actually he loves her. Just not jumping in his face! But tug of war and fetch is great!
I can't believe that it is friday already! Vacation is almost over with. :( 
Hugs, Teresa
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Sunday, August 18, 2013

Nice weekend

I was on the way back from my friend who I bought Summer from. A friend of her's wanted to see the litter. As most went to their forever homes now I said that I would bring her. The last one to leave will there until sept 5th. Then she kept one to show. So her friend got to see 3 out of the 5. I decided to take Summer to the Community park. Part of the universary system. She was pretty tired, but I did get a few shots.

Right now at 7 pounds she is about as big as some of the rocks.  Next time I will take both dogs so that i can get pictures of them against the Bay.  

She was very interested in everything.

A bee on the artichoke flower. I never grew an artichoke before. I did it for the flower. There are two more to bloom yet. The bees and hummers really like them.

Close up! Doesn't it look like something from the bottom of the ocean?  It is so interesting. From the pictures I had seen of them I had thought htat they would be more like thistles. They open from the outside in to the center. So it takes a few days to open all the way.

Tanner and Summer having a game of Tug Of War. This was a video. But i don't know how to post a video on here.

 A resting hummingbird.  I have so many Hummer pictures. I was never able to get them with my old camera.

 We have loads of flowers that these guys love. I never know where I will see them next.

Our front planter. Dahlias, tall snapdrageons. escargo begonia, and King Tut ( tallest plant). I love this one as a focal point. I really stuffed this planter this year. I love it.
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Sunday, August 11, 2013

New member of the family!

Summer is a 8 week old English Cocker Spanial. Her coloring is really showing up now. I don't know how much her coat will change yet.
 Summer and big brother Tanner. He seems to like her. But does give her a growl if she gets too pushy. But has to check up on her if she whines.

Summer and her mom Kennedy.

Summer and Tanner find something of interest.

Look at that face!

She finds all kinds of things to play with. This is great for her sharp little teeth. She is learning "no" and "leave it" when it comes to something she isn't suppose to have.

Playing is very thirsty work.

When she gets tired she flops on my feet.
We picked her up yesterday. Housebreaking will take awhile! I will be so happy when she gets that down!  But she is so sweet. She woke me up at 3:30 am but slept the rest of the night. Getting up only once was nice. I hope she keeps it up. Tanner layed in front of her kennel until she stopped whining when we put her in her kennel. I would say that she is a keeper. Hugs, Teresa
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