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Monday, November 19, 2012

Blog poster that I don't want

How do you get rid of posters that you don't want? I am not going to open their posts. I got 25 from a payday loan company when I opened my blog today! Don't know where that came from. I would like to block them. If you have any ideas let me know please.

Saturday, November 17, 2012

New Christmas song. Beautiful

I just received an e-mail from a friend with this song in it. I think it is beautiful! I love songs to make me think.
Beautiful day today. Got a little shopping done. Finally got some new tops! Whoo Hoo! I hate clothes shopping. But really found some nice stuff at K-Mart. I know my husband puts K-Mart down, but I can usually find more in clothes there then most places. Most of the sizes run larger also. Not like in some stores where a large looks like a small. Now I have something to wear for Thanksgiving and the baby shower I am invited to. Plus a couple more tops.  There is one top that I wish they had in other colors. They only had the one that I bought and pink. for some reason I dislike PINK immensly. But I am very happy to find the one in this pattern. I love it. I really was in need of clothes. But like I said I HATE shopping
Played frisbee with the dogs so they were very happy. Might take them out again in a little while. Murphy's tests came back with some of his levels better. Of course the kidney damage will never go away. But we hope to keep it from getting worse as long as we can. It would help if he would actually liked the food. He didn't eat much yesterday or today. But we can't give in and give him something he can't have. Later today or tomorrow he will probably gulp down his food. It gets so FRUSTRATING at times. But we love him. The vet would like to put him on a low dosage of meds. But we are afraid of the side effects. Gasto distress, nausea, and a few rarer ones. The vet did say that he has never seen the rare ones.  He has lost a couple of pound already that he can't affort. We are afraid that if his gastro system revolts with the meds he will lose weight faster. The vet just can't seem to understand that Murphy wants to eat, he just hates the food. If you looked up stubborn Murphy's picture would be in there. At least when it comes to food. Wants everything he can't have. We may have to go to fluid therapy also. I would have to give him shots about 2 or 3 times a week. 20 minutes at a time. He doesn't have any of the symthoms. Drinking alot (of course he could drive us to drink sometimes with, urinating alot, tiredness, etc. Just his blood tests are wacky. He has had some muscle loss. Shakes a bit when he stands. But still can chase the frisbee, no problems with that. Just micro's some carrots for him. He ate that. But need to eat his food to get the nutrients he needs. It would be so easy to give him Tanner's food. But not giving up on him. Sorry this gets to me some times. I hate my kids being sick. It sure can make you feel helpless. 
I can't believe that Thanksgiving is next Thursday! What are you all doing? Well you all in the states anyway. We are getting together with my family. There is a cabin at a school that my sister works at. We rent that and everyone brings a part of the meal. Take our own plates, platters, etc. home to wash . So there is no mess for anyone to deal with like when we had it in our homes. Just clean off the tables, sweep floors and we are out of there. I think it cost each family $10 for Thanksgiving and Christmas combined to rent the place out. I think I am bringing a cheesecake and a broccoli salad. I can make the cheesecake and salad gluten free for Jeff. I am really proud of him in the way that he has taken to being on this diet. It is not easy. But he has not cheated once. He is afraid of having a flare up, but has not even let the temptaion change his mind. Stronger then I am. Don't ask me about my diabetic diet. lol. I do o.k.
I think I am going to go outside and enjoy the weather as it won't last long. Hugs, Teresa

Sunday, November 11, 2012

Been quiet lately.

I really didn't want to bore you all with my problems. But the last couple of weeks at work have been tough for all of us. Our night boss has moved to California. He was so nice to us. If he trusted you to get your work done you would never see him. Was friends with us all. Now the morning boss is in charge of us until they hire a new night manager. He is getting worse each day. Name calling. Snapping at us. He spun around so fast to snap at me I was afraid that he was going to come over the table. Told one girl that she must have had a stroke because she couldn't remember a simple answer. That there is a stroke clinic where we work and she should check it out. One day I got an answer wrong and I said I was just having a dumb day. He said that I hae dumb days every day. I took it as a joke at first as this was the beginning of his meaness, and I said thanks a lot. Think I will go home now. He said that he was leaving soon and could give me a ride if I needed one. Slammed his fist on the desk when one girl asked him a question. There aren't as many guys, but they are getting harrassed also. There is a meeting later this week and some of us are going to talk to the CEO about this. We do not deserve this. I am a hospital housekeeper and we have a high rating for cleansiness. State inspections always come out great. So it is not like we are slacking off. Even then we wouldn't deserve this treatment. No one does. We really think that he is jelous of how well we got a long with our other boss. Thinks we should respond to him the same way. But respect gets respect. Anyway enough of that. Time will tell how things work out. Had to get this off my chest.

This weekend the weather has been so nice and warm. 60's It rained late this afternoon and evening. But it is good for the plants going into winter. We went to a craft fair today. Small but nice. I bought a few handmade greeting cards. Very pretty. Some of the nicest I have seen around here. $2.00 so less then store bought also. Score! Now I wish I would have bought more. People are so talented. My mom and 2 sisters have booths, but took this weekend off as they pretty much sold out last sat. Big shows next weekend. I don't know if I will go or not. I was hoping to see one vender as I had bought a large recieving blanket and bib from her. I want the burp cloth to match. She took my order last weekend, but I haven't heard from her yet that it is done. Hope nothing happened to her. Most crafters try to get orders done fast. So am hoping that she is well. I have seen the material in JoAnn's but I don't want to buy it as I would have too much. ( But guess I could make something with the rest like fabric blocks). The shower is the 24th so there is still time for her to get back to me or decide on what I want to do.
I really can't believe that Thanksgiving is coming up so fast! Mom always said that time goes faster as you age. Guess she was right!
Already looking forward to this! Only about 4-5 months away! lol
Well better go and try to get some rest. I know I worry to much! Hugs, Teresa

Sunday, November 4, 2012

Frankie, 1/144th scale mini and fur kids

This is one of the "dolls" that my sister Lorie makes. She has a booth at craft fairs with my mom and another sister. She is very popular with her products. Well known. You can see why we fell in love with him and had to take him home with us! But I guess it is time for Frankie to go downstairs for a well deserved rest! Next year I hope to make a better looking display for him. Kind of loney with only the owl and pumpkin for friends.
I don't know if I ever posted this one. (too lazy right now to go back and look. lol)  This one I had done years and years ago. Probably one of my first houses. It is 1/144th scale which means that the house is 2 1/2 inches high and 3 3/4 inches long. The base is 7" by  3 1/4 ". I put it in a model car display case for safe keeping.  Luckily, as it has been hit once when Jeff was playing with the dogs! This is the first landscaping I had done on a dollhouse. It was featured in a magazine years ago. Just a picture with a short caption. But it was so cool to be in a magazine. All of my dollhouses have been landscaped. But I haven't done one this small since this one. Since I had Guillian Barre' I can only work in 1 inch scale, possibly 1/2 scale. I have enough trouble writing sometimes, much less hang onto anything this tiny. But could be so much worse.
The boys have been getting outside to play frizbee a lot lately. I am trying to get them out and excercising.  Doesn't hurt me either! Winter is coming and I want to enjoy the mild weather while we can. Watching Murphy play you would never know that he has stage 3 kidney disease. He can still pull Tanner around the yard. He has to get low and hop backwards as Tanner is twice his weight and almost half his age. Feeding him is a chore as he hates the food he is on. Funny thing is that he eats the canned food frozen. Most of the time you have to hand feed him. (can you say spoiled)! But even if we have to try 4 times (or more) a day we get enough into him. But he does scare us sometimes, especially with his weight loss. Jeff and I are mostly on different shifts so this is possible. Never thought the job shift differences would come in handy. He has none of the major symthoms like extreme thirst, tiredness, etc. But has had 2 tests and his levels show the disease. He will be eleven next month. But this breed (English Cocker Spanial) can live into their mid teens. Not ready to give up hope on him yet. He also loves it when I throw darts and will sit under the dart board and whine if I go into the basement. Beats me down the steps. But we can see that things are starting to change for him. But as long as he is playing and not showing extreme signs we will let him enjoy his life. Time is just so short when you have fur kids!

It has been only 45 minutes and the phone has rung 6 times. I will so glad when the politicle stuff is done! I am sure that the next few days the phone will be ringing off the hook.
Have a great week everyone. Hugs, Teresa
P.S. I was able to put pictures on by putting my pictures in Picasso web albums. Doesn't always work though. Hit and miss. Much more interesting to post with pictures. Hope you enjoy them.