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Thursday, November 27, 2014

This is what I feel like tonight!

21 people over was tiring for the dogs! Me too. Now Jeff and I can start planning for Christmas. But at least now we know how to fit all these people in the house. Whoops! There may be 3-4 more for Christmas. Get the shoe horn out!
I hope everyone had as good as a day as we had. Hugs, Teresa

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Here is a laugh for you. Stress reliever for you.

Just a fast post before I head off to work. My birthday started off great. Chasing the dog around the yard (in my bathrobe, in the snow) to get a bird out of her mouth. Bird was fine! Dropped a dinner plate on the floor, Correl, so you know how those shatter! Then I dropped a whole cookie sheet of pretzel, toffee covered in chocolate upside down on the floor. Guess I won't be serving those for Thanksgiving! LOL! I hope I gave everyone a laugh for the day. If anyone is stressed over the holiday and getting everything done here is something to take the edge off! Hugs, Teresa
Now off to work I go.

Sunday, November 23, 2014

New valance I am making

This half of the new valance I made. Almost finished. All I need yet are tabs and tying. It really is straighter then it looks in this picture. The flowered panels are there because I had a brain freeze and made it about 3/4 the width it was suppose to be. I like it though as it breaks up the strips. Did I tell you that I don't sew much (unlike my mother and 2 of my sisters). But I am proud of what I can do. As you can probably tell I made it up as I went along. (Don't mind the flowered bedspread underneath it. )

Here is Summer modeling it. She is at the age (16 months) now where I can actually get things done without her "help". Not to say that I don't have to watch if I drop anything. I don't know if it is all English Cocker Spanials, but all the ones we have had have been thieves!

Of course I can't leave out our 8 year old Pembroke Welsh Corgi. I swear if one does something the other one has to do it also. They don't like attention at all!
I can't believe that it is Thanksgiving in a few days! We are having it here as my mom doesn't want to travel far in case she gets tired. Cancer is such a draining disease. We are less then 10 minutes from her house. Usually we rent an out building at a school that my sister works at. But that is about 25 minutes away and usually on the cooler side. The heat doesn't get turned on until a few hours before we get there. So this will work out much better for her. There will be about 20 of us. We all bring part of the meal, so that works out great. No one has to do it all. Which is great for me as I have to work the night before. Luckily I have a husband that is very helpful! We will make the chicken and stuffing. Yes chicken! My family isn't big on turkey. So chicken is a tradition for us. Plus my brother will bring a ham.
In case I don't get back here before Thanksgiving, I hope all of you have a great day. Hugs, Teresa

Sunday, November 2, 2014

Birds, birds, birds and a few more pictures from our trip.

This is my favorite one of a greater white egret. Usually they stay farther away, but this guy was close to the near shore. Yeah


Coot.  Look at those red eyes.

The grasses were colorful when we were there.

Green winged teal. So pretty!

Look at the colors on the water! So pretty! I don't think I have ever seen the water like this.

Northern pin tail

The spider webs were flying all over. Some with spiders attached. It was odd to see spiders on webs that looked like they weren"t attahced to anything. This tree had a good collection of webs.
 Collage of birds. Such pretty birds.
We had a good time at Horicon Marsh. This time of the year is so nice there. Migration brings in so many different kinds of birds. I guess there were even more this weekend. (we were there last weekend).
Blogger has been such a pain for me for awhile now. Takes forever to up-load pictures and I have to try to up-load each picture twice to get one that works.
I hope this gets better to use soon. Not sure if anyone else is having this problem. Hugs, Teresa