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Saturday, February 25, 2012

Went for a drive :)

A small house that I just love. I have a dollhouse built that I would like to make into this, Not exacly the same shape, but close enough. I do have the rounded top window in the dollhouse. Not double arch though. I love the double arch!
Peaceful place that I found. Even though I did take a small fall going back to my car. Nothing injured but my pride. lol
Tiny waterfall under the bridge.
Sad but interesting. Can you just imagine the history? There are a lot of barns in this shape around here. Luckily there are beautiful barns also. Sometimes it makes me wonder...what is holding this up?
A lot of different colors coming through. Cute farm.
In person this barn looks like it was painted many colors and they are all showing up now.
Across the road from this barn is a subdivision with McMansions. Sad to see. History gone.
This barn is RIGHT off the highway. There really took a lot of the farm land when they widened the highway.
Looking from the other direction. Color really washed out on this picture.
I love going for drives. Clears my head. Tomorrow the weather may not be as nice. Wind, snow and maybe rain. But gorgeous today!!! :)  This is not tyoical for Feb, We usually have tons more snow! It looks more like early spring! But I will take it!
I hope everyone had a great day. Hope the rest of the weekend is great for everyone. Hugs, Teresa

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Murphy can drive us nuts at times

He is such a happy boy!
Peek a boo. His hair below his eyes grows so fast! I am always clipping it.
Loves his brother. But sometimes too much. Seems like every spring, at least the last few, he goes through a period of wanting to "hump" his brother every chance he gets. Then he is like a stag deer and his brain turns off. The worst part is that he goes off his food. Won't eat his dog food. For now he will eat the moist kibble that we use for treats. Pellet style. We do know that he isn't having problems with his teeth etc. as he will eat bits of other food we tempt him with through-out the day. He just get extremely picky. We never know what he will actually eat from one feeding to the next.  Last year when he went through this we had some extensive tests done for cancer, etc. No problems in that regard. There were some other problems at the time that scared us. I really think he needs a doggie psychiatrist!! Murphy has always had issues. He had some emotional baggage when we got him. He is very loving and cuddly. Such a sweatheart. Just drives us nuts when he goes through his periods of goofiness. He drives us nuts sometimes, but we can't imagine being without him!!

Monday, February 20, 2012

Word verification free, dogs, antiques

I decided to make my blog word verification free. I didn't even think that I had that on my blog. Don't remember marking the box for it. WOW my face was red when I made a comment that I hated them and someone pointed it out to me that I was guilty of it also! Anyway hopefully if anyone wants to make comments on my log it will be easier for you.
Beautiful day here. I took the dogs outside to play ball. Mistake!!! I had to give Tanner a bath afterwards. Was he a mess! He did pretty good as he hates water. Didn't mind standing in the tub of water, but didn't like the sprayer. Didn't freak, but wasn't to happy. Somehow Murphy stayed clean. Then Tanner got his hair furminated ( man can corgi's shed!) and nails clipped. I also clipped the hair from between Murphy's foot pads. Murphy needs to go get his spa treatment (haircut) but I do his paws in between visits. He was sliding around on the floors and I don't want him to fall.
Yesterday I went antiquing. I went to two places. One more high scale and one, let's just say ...dusty, musty and very crowded. But I did really enjoy digging my way through the second one. I liked both, but the second one really had some odd items. Any fatter and I wouldn't have gotten through the aisles. lol. I am kind of surprised that he can operate like that. Fire hazard and no clear exit. But it was fun. I did see some things that I liked, but not in my budget right now. :(  There is so much history to look at in these places! I can't imagine using some of the items though. One thing I like about buying antiques to use in my house, I know that no one will have the same items. Home Interiors and other companies have very nice items, don't get me wrong. But just not my style. Well anyway, hopefully if anyone sees something interesting in my posts and they want to comment it will be easier now. Hugs, Teresa

Monday, February 13, 2012

Why is it?

That when you buy oven mitts you get two right handed ones! lol.  Seems like every "pair" I buy are like this. Maybe the more expensive ones aren't like this...I don't know though. Do they think that people don't use their left hand when taking food out of the oven? Too much time on my hands today. I am not feeling well and am going to go lie down after I am done here. Nothing serious, just a stomach bug.
I was reading a blog post where she mentioned jewelry casket boxes. I can't remember whose it was though. (o.k. had to look it up...It was on Beautiful Mini Blessings post).  Interesting. I will have to look up information on those and the history of them. When they were used, etc. And no I don't mean when someone died. lol. I want to find out the years, etc. I find so many interesting things to look up from reading blogs. Inquisitive mind here. I love to learn about different subjects.
Sorry no pictures today. Wiped out for some reason. Hugs, Teresa

Friday, February 3, 2012

I can not wait for......

My pretties to come back!
Just a collage of some of our pretties. Just fooling around with Piccassas
I know this as circle of friends.
Buttercup Randoculas (sp?) Very invasive as we found out. Don't know what we are going to do with this one. It is so pretty, but can't have it taking over.
One side of our backyard. Taken from the roof. So of course you can't see all of the upper bed.  I thought Jeff was going to have a heart attack seeing me up there. Just kidding. He is use to the things I do.
Right side of the backyard, Again taken from the roof. Maybe I can use the neighbors roof to get a shot of the whole thing this summer. Yeah right!
I love the dreamy look of this picture. Even if I did go overboard trimming the rose on the right side and gave her knobby knees. eing a Baffin though she will recover. Very vigorous, but so pretty. With over 300 different plants in our yard I have endless photo opts and albums (computor. FB ect.)  to prove it. lol.  Love my pretties!

New blog I follow---interesting

This is a log of a lady that owned a greenhouse here with her husband. She and her husband moved to live in yurt in Northern California. Very interesting to read. They have gone through so many adventures since they moved there last summer. Take a look. I think you will really enjoy their adventures. Please follow Lori and John as they make a new and different life for themselves!

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Fort Tanner (dog)

This is Tanner's fort. I wonder how long it took him to build it last night! Either he is waiting for a snowball fight or an attack from the boogieman! He said that if he can't have a bed with sides from the store (Murphy tears them apart) he will make his own! lol