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Monday, October 31, 2011

Hiking. Cool places.

This is about the hotel/spa. Interesting place. It was so many things in it's short history. Now it is just a shell. I would have loved to have seen it in all it's glory!
Pictures don't do it justice! It is just beautiful! Even though all that is left is the shell. Interesting history. From Hotel/spa to bar. Haunted? I wouldn't doubt it. So many ledgends attached to this building.
Going down! This staircase brings you down under the bluff/caves and hotel. Lots of caves in the bluffs. Not a lot of sun light gets down there so there is a lot of moss covered rocks. A lot different then other hikes I have been on. This was the last weekend that the park is open for the season. I want to go back next year for the tour when we can go into the big cave.
Interesting tree! There were a lot of deformed trees. But I guess if you had your feet in rocks YOU would be different then if you grew in good soil! But it sure makes for some interesting tree shpes.
A view a long the river. This is in the lowest part of the park. You go from the hotel to caves to mossy rocks, deformed trees to a river. Very diverse area.
Up the road from the hotel and caves we come to Devil River Camp Grounds. Actually the camp is up a steep hill from this "village". Headquarters is in one of these buildings.
The old mill.
Love this picture! Pretty site.
Three of the buildings. Old wagon in the middle building. We had a great time hiking on Saturday. Just think these places are only about 1/2 hour from where we live. Interesting what you find right of a hi-way. It was hard to just pick a few pictures. There were so many interesting things at these places.

Friday, October 28, 2011

This is a picture that I sent into Birds and Blooms years ago of my dog Tiffy ( Tiffany). They are using the picture in a caption contest. I put the link below. It was kind of a shock to see her picture today. Good one...but I do have to admit to a few tears! She has been gone for years already. They had printed her picture in the magazine years ago so they really keep pictures for a long time! I really miss her! I owe her ALOT as she helped keep me keep going  when I was dealing with bad depression. 

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Thursday, October 20, 2011

Rest In Peace!

Rest In Peace
Marcia Backstrom. A very talented miniature dollhouse sculpturist.
We bought this doll at the Chicago Internation show in 2010. Right before it was announced that she had cancer. It makes me sad to see another very nice and talented mini artist has passed away. She will be missed!
 It was so hard to pick from all her dolls at the show. But being a Raggetty Ann and Andy lover this one caught my eye the most. But there are so many dolls of hers that I would love to own!

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Day trip and favorite park

Cave Point Door County Penninsula Wisconsin
Looking through the trees at my favorite park. Cave Point Door County Wisconsin. I have been going here for years!
Trees twisted by wind and spray over the years.
The rock formations are great at Cave Point!
Sun was starting to go down.
Love this area! Funny how the trees grow out of the rocks!
Lot's of toe snatchers, roots, rocks and fallen trees on the ungroomed part of the trail. Outside park prtoper.
This was on the west side of the penninsula. Very windy today. Opposite ide of penninsula from Cave Point.
Not snow! Foam from the waves and wind. West side of penninsula.
Toe snatchers, (roots), rocks and fallen trees to climb over and under.  Not as young as I use to be. But the views are fantastic! It gets the name Cave Point because the waves have created caves in the rocks over the years. I have been going to this park since I was in my twenties! Winters are also great and the spray coats everything and freezes into shapes.  I hope to get up there this winter! Like usual I got the pictures out of order. I don't know what I do wrong.

Saturday, October 8, 2011

Signs of fall

Beautiful mix of orange and yellows.
Leaves of many colors.
Flower bed looking towards suspension bridge
Just like this shot.
Fall colors at our house in this picture.
Bright day to show off the colors!
Looking up the creek.
The rocks in this creek wear leaf hats!
Ducks on the colorful water
Just another shot I like. Don't know why. Just do.
Wouldn't this be a beautiful place to have your wedding! The fall colors just set everything off so nicely.

Except for the mums these were all taken at a park near here. Pamperine Park. It sure has improved since I was a kid. I remember playing there a lot as a kid. Not far from where I grew up. But it was very basic then. But we had fun there. At that time the entrance was a long, steep hill. Our bikes got a real work out! I am so glad that it " grew up"  and people are still enjoying the park. Tomorrow Jeff only has  to work a half day so he gets to check out another place. Covered bridge, mill and small chapel in the woods. Hopefully the colors will be nice there. Have a great sunday everyone. Hugs, Teresa


I really do need to work on this again. I have good intentions.... But something always seems to come up. For some reason this one is baffling me. I like it so far. But I can't seem to be able to decide on who Aunt Gertie should be. Widow lady that takes in boarders, Older couple living out theior lives in the home they raised the kids in, etc. As you can see I still have a lot to do. Mostly in trim work. You can also see that A. Gertie does not look happy about how long it is taking me to finish her house. She also has to be so uncomfortable with her knees ent the wrong way to get her to sit in the chair. They never seem to make dolls that sit right. :(  Please give me a virtual kick in the backside! Hugs, Teresa