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Friday, May 31, 2013

Trip to Northwinds Perennial Farm

Wouldn't this be a beautiful place to live? It is so peaceful!
One of many ponds. Some with waterfalls.
This birdhouse is so cool! The base of the tree had gardening hand tools nailed to the trunk. They had a smaller version for sale.

Arbor made from pieces and parts of trim.
There were a few buildings like this scattered around. Most had antiques in them. not all of it for sale. But so interesting to look at.
A few barns scattered around. Most had antiques nailed to the sides.
The stalls all had items for sale. Every bit of space was used.
Just a pretty path curving around the building.
Interesting copper planters. I LOVE these. Didn't buy one though. But I was tempted.
Barn swallow nests. There were barn swallows in them and a lot more flying around. You might be able to see a couple looking out of the nests.
Nothing goes to waste there. Old headboard turned upside down makes a cool entry way. I can see this with a fence on each end.
I love the way they planted this wheelbarrow. I also loved how they put this planter in the doorway.  There were so many things to see there! This place is about 2 1/2-3 hours away. It was worrth the trip! We only bought one plant (which was very rare for us)! lol. As some of you know, I love old barns.Plus add a beautiful setting and I had plenty to photograph.!  I think I used my quota of the word love in this paragraph! 
Have a great day everyone. Hugs, Teresa

Monday, May 20, 2013

Have a great day!

This one still cracks me up! Looks like the other pelicans are ducking for cover as he comes in for a landing! I hope everyone is having a great day! Those in the paths of the storms I hope you all stay safe! Hugs, Teresa

Sunday, May 19, 2013

Pelicans in Wisconsin!

I can't get enough of these guys. They are so interesting! They are only about 5-6 miles from me, but I never went there! Now I have been there twice this weekend.
Love the reflection! They just look so peaceful. Well, most of the time anyway. I did see some bill clacking. Hitting bills of other pelicans.
These two were giving each other the evil eye just minutes before I took this shot.
This one makes me crack-up! They never land to gracefully, but this one really had problems!
I wish I could get a clear shot with a blue sky. My camera is strange when it comes to trying to get a shot with the sunlight. But I actually got a fairly decent picture of a bird in flight. I need a faster camera! Also a bigger zoom. Won't be a DSLR though. Just can't afford that.
O.K. students. ALL TOGETHER NOW!
YUP! Still There!
Walkway to the bird viewing platform.
These birds are by the dam.
Another one in flight!
O.k I am getting carried away!

Pelicans and cormorants. I had to zoom all the way as they were out a long ways.
The catfish were spawning. Loads of cats in there! In about a week they will move out into deeper water.

As you can tell I am obessed with pelicans! I saw one with a huge catfish in it's bill today. But he spit it out before I could get the picture. It was laying in his pouch! I knew they were around, but have seen more flying over this year then any other year. Just don't think of them living around here. We also have brown ones at times. Haven't seen those yet. Nature is so great. Have a great week everyone! Hugs, Teresa

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

We have bloomers!!!

Daffs are still hanging on! But it won't be for much longer. But they are such a welcome sight in the spring!
Our Fern leafed peoney is ready to bloom. I counted 12 bbuds on this plant. I think it will start opening in a couple of days. Doesn't it look like a forest? All seperate tiny trees.
These are Merry Belles. Seems like they just emerged and they were blooming.
Prairie Smoke. Well the smoke is coming. I think the flowers are pretty also. Soon the flowers will get wispy and the who;e plant will look like it is smoking.
Our magnolia. We just planted it two weeks ago. I love the centers! So unique! At least we got to see most of the flowers. We had a freeze on monday morning. Poor flowers took a hit. Now it is suppose to get up into the 70's again. We have been anywhere between 30's and the 80's the last few weeks.

Pretty bud just opening.
I kove the color! This is the only magnolia we have.
This is one iris I would love to find! It is called Wintery Sky. I think it is just gorgeous! I could probably order it, but would love to find it here.
We went down to The Flower Factory on Sat. We usually make the trip once a year. It is about 2 1/2 hours from here. This place has 15 greenhouses, with plants inside, in front of, between, and behind each one. Huge gardens to walk through and get ideas from. We came home with 3 peoneys, 3 cleamtis, and about 12 other perennials. This place is where we had gotten a lot of our more unusual plants. This weekend I am going to go to places around here for annuals. We have a 3 season room so we will keep them in there until we KNOW that we won't get another freeze. I lOVE this time of year. It is always fun to see what is NEW and EXCITING! I will go with plants that we rely on and a few new to us ones. Now off to bed ( with dreams of flowers and lots of color).
Have a great day everyone. Happy planting to all who love flowers. Hugs, Teresa

Monday, May 6, 2013

Birding kind of day!

This goose was just swimming on by. Looked so peaceful.
The pelicans are back in Green Bay. I saw some large flocks lately.So cool to see. Just never thought of pelicans in Wisconsin! We also have brown ones around here.
One lonely seagull. Actually they are never lonely as there are SO MANY OF THEM.  In the right setting they are kind of pretty though.
There were a lot of red wing blackbirds along the shore line.
Daffs in full bloom. It is so good to see flowers!
Today was a bird finding kind of day. I went pelican hunting. With my camera of course. Which is really acting up. I need one with a much stronger zoom. I am really pushing the limits with it. Gets really shakey when I use it at full zoom. I do expect some shakiness, but this is unreal. At times I get a grey picture. Just being weird. But at least I can edit them on the computer and throw out the bad ones! Over 85 of those today. Some of the problem is the camera, but I am also trying to push it past it's limits. So I will take some of the blame. Hold on camera! I will be lost without you.  But it was a perfect day out today! Sunnier side and warm. It is so great to get out and not have to deal with ice and snow! Shhh...I better not say that out loud. Haha.
I also went to a nursery for a container planting class. There were 3 of us there. I planted one with the hummingbirds in mind. I am hoping to draw them closer to the house. I also bought a ginger plant (never had one before), a ribbon bush (never had that one either) and a baby tut. I had one last year and love them. I will get a King Tut yet. But his didn't look the greatest. They now have a Queen tut also. Not as big as the King. Next weekend we are planning on going to The Flower Factory. We make that a yearly thing. there are 15 greenhouses with plants inside, in front of, between, and behind each one! 1000's of varieties. We are getting more selective though as we are beginning to get tight on space here. We do need to find more rabbit resistant plants for the front yard. Of course nothing is rabbit proof. Ask our junipers! It finally feels like spring here! Hopefully it will stay now. Friday was 33 degrees. It has to stay nice soon....doesn't it! We did buy a couple of annuals this weekend, but they will spend their nights in our sunroom (3 season room). Oh I forgot!  A sandhill crane flew over the house this afternoon. I know that there is a pair about 2 miles away from here, but never saw them fly over our neighborhood. So cool to see!
Have a great week everyone. Hugs, Teresa

Friday, May 3, 2013

Jazzi's Christmas in July swap!

I am joining in this mini swap. I hope others will join also. Looks like fun! I have never done one, but have lots of ideas. Of course I will have to see who I swap with to see what they like. Modern, Traditional, Tuder, Fanasy, etc.