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Sunday, February 23, 2014

Eagles and up-date on my mom.

This eagle was hoping for a easy lunch. The golden eyed ducks would dive for fish and the eagles and sea gulls would just wait for their chance to take the fish away.

Immature eagle. There were a few different ages of eagles there.

I have been waiting to get a good shot of one in flight.

Not sure if he was going after the duck or the fish that the duck had caught.

There were a lot of sea gulls also flying around.

The golden eyed ducks. They were the busy workers there. The eagles and gulls were just waiting for a free meal. This is the first time I have ever been there. It was fun to watch the antics of the Eagles. Winneconnie is only about an hour away. The skies were so blue today that I just had to get out there with my camera. So Jeff and I jumped in the car and took a day trip. It was VERY cold though. There was 9 eagles in flight, on the ice and a couple in the trees. My battery was low and my back-up was dead. I am usually very aware of my batteries as I hate to get somewhere and not be able to take pictures. But the battery had enough juice to take enough pictures for me to get some I liked. Whew! It was a beautiful day!
Up-date on my mom.
She is scheduled to have surgery on tues. She is having a port put in, plus a feeding tube. They will check the stomach over more to see if there is any cancer that they are unaware of. But the Drs feels that she is a good canidate, even at 84 as her lungs, heart, liver and kidneys are in good shape. If she didn't do anything she would have about 6 months and starve to death. Being treated with chemo and radiation will, hopefully, at her age and good health (except for the cancer) about 18 months. Of course no one can promise that. But she says that she has too much to live for. So she is ready to fight. We didn't press her on it as it is her choice and whatever she would have decided we were ready to support her. This past month has been so hard. Every time we thought it was a go another test was ordered. But now a plan is in place. Not saying that it will be easier of course (actually it may be even harder), but at least there is a plan now. I don't think that I have ever been in tears so much. I held it together when around her. But other places not so much. Even at work. Luckily most of my job isn't around people!!! But my co-workers have seen me in tears. I never know when that will happen. But they said that this is normal. Some have gone through it themselves. I was starting to wonder if it was or if I was just being a wuss. What I cry about the most is knowing that my mom has to go through this. Seeing her in so much pain, mentally and physically. I can't even imagine what she is going through. Any way. If you want to pray for her I would apprieciate it. Her name is Beata. Don't worry everyone slaughters her name!! Thank you. Hugs, Teresa

Monday, February 17, 2014

Snow, moon and prayer request

The moon was HUGE tonight! Here it is trying to hide behind the branches.
This one was two nights ago. I love the different shades of grey and black with the white moon.

This was last night at midnight. We had a 4 inch snow fall and everything was so bright. The trees were gorgeous in the moon light.

After shoveling today. We have had 53 inches of snow so far this winter. We expect to get another 4-6 inches tomorrow. I don't know where we will go with more!

Even the hive was sporting a new coating of snow today. But at least we had very blue skies!!!

The kids love all the new snow. We shovel paths for them. But Summer the english cocker (in back) likes to blaze her own also. They love to chase eachother and take turns chasing and being chased.

This is what I woke up to this morning. Gorgeous colors.

Somehow Blogger always seems to put one picture out of order. This is another one of the yard after shoveling today.

Sorry I haven't been blogging much or at all, the last month. My mom found out that she has cancer. She has one more test this wed and then will find out what her options are. I have been a wreak. Good around her, but when I am at home or sometimes at work I break down. I can't even imagine what she is going through! We are trying to keep her spirits up. But it seems like every time we think we know something she is sent for another test. I know that all these tests are important though. Wed. she has another test, then sees the radiologist oncologist. Friday she sees the oncologist. So hopefully we will know more then. My prayer request is that you keep our family and ESPECIALLY HER in your prayers.  Thank you so much. Hugs, Teresa