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Monday, April 30, 2012

Robin's nest...3rd try

First try was on a light...fell off. 2nd try was on a drain pipe...fell off. 3rd and susessful try is in the 7 sisters rose bush. Only found because she scared the crap out of my husband. :) lol
Flowering quince blooms. For some reason it only likes to bloom on one side of the plant. Both sides get a lot of light.
The Creeping Jacobs Ladder is really in full bloom now.
Rocky Moss Foil is also in full bloom. This is one of our older plants.
Very nice day today. Very sunny. It was a lot warmer then yesterday. Raining now. But we can use the rain. A few nurseries around here opened this weekend. Not everything is out yet, but it's nice to walk around amongst the plants! We went to a new (to us) place about an hour away yesterday. Won't go back. It isn't at all like the ad read. But the ride out there was nice. Back to work tomorrow. Weekends go so fast! Hugs, Teresa

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Our The Flower Factory trip saturday.

Some of the plants in front of greenhouses. There are about 12 greenhouses to go into. Plants inside, in front, between, and behind! All perennials.
Looking down one row of greenhouses.
Old farm equipment in one of the display beds.
The first train layout there. No trains running yesterday though.
Some of the greenhouses looking from the other side of  the biggest display garden.
Small waterfall. There are 2 big ponds above this and a stream below.
2nd train display. I love how they landscaped them.
living roof on old shed. Succulents
We should have waited a couple more weeks as everything wasn't out to buy. There were 3 more plants that we wanted. But we should be able to get them at one of the greenhouses near us. We did get a few plants that we don't see around here. Red Yucca, purple trillium, a Kakaku tree epony and a Jeffersoia diphylla. We also bought 2 ligularias, Acastrache "Ava", Foxtail lily, Masterwort, 3 primulas, mini holleyhock, and a Hellaborus to go with our other one. Now they will have to sit in the sunroom ( go out on nice days) until all threat of frost is gone. It was so nice to get out around so many plants. Makes the mood happy! It was a beautiful day, nice and sunny. Rained the whole day before. But it sure made the grass green up and the plants pop up more. I hope everyone had a great weekend. Hugs, Teresa

Friday, April 20, 2012

More blooming every day. Love this time of year!

Pretty creeping Jacobs Ladder. Very early this year. Really full of flowers.
Our flowering quince only seems to bloom in patches. I wish it would bloom all over the plant. I don't know why ours does that. The flowers are so pretty.

Merry bells. I was surprised when I went outside yesterday and it was in bloom.  Better seen in person. The flowers are very pretty.
Pussy toes. I love these odd named plants.
Tomorrow we are going to a BIG plant nursery. About 18 greenhouses. Plus in front of the greenhouses, behind and on the sides of the greenhouses. We always find some odd plants that we can't find around here. They have 325 new plants this year. 3500 different varieties of perrenials!! We try to get there every year. We found it aout 4-5 years ago. It is about 2 1/2 hours away from here. The last part in the country, so it is a nice drive. I looked through the catalog. No pictures, but good discriptions. After I pick out what I think I want I look them up on the computer. I picked out another tree peoney and about 7 more plants. Of course I am sure that we will find more! I also made a list of the more aggressive plants so that we can avoid bringing those home. It is suppose to be nice tomorrow. We will keep the new plants in the sunroom until it is safe to plant them. ( 3 season room). I hope everyone has a great weekend. Hugs, Teresa

Monday, April 16, 2012

This is so cool!!!

This bird must really have been a fan!

Mulch, mulch and more mulch

It's here! Oh my! I forgot what 20 yards of mulch looks like!
But the beds will look so nice again. Plus will help with watering less often.
And the pile begins.
No we did not get a man in the deal to help us! Upper right corner. Neighbor painting the house next door. lol. But it sure looks like he is climbing out of the pile! lol.
And he made it out!
The difference between the bare ground and where we mulched. The plants really stand out now.
The little girl seems to be missed a spot! There is bare ground here yet! O.K., O.K. little girl we filled it in. She was our supervisor!
20 yards of mulch delivered friday morning. I worked on it about 2 1/2 hours before I went to work. Jeff worked on it about 5 hours after work. We both worked on it from 9:30am-6:00 pm on saturday. Done! Just in time for it to rain! Plus it rained all day on sunday. Whew was glad to get it done. Now the beds look so nice again.  It was suppose to rain all day on sat. but we were blessed with a beautiful, very sunny day!  We could have actually used a yard or 2 more to do the front bed. It will have to wait until next year. Mulch isn't as low in that bed. I hope every one of you had a great weekend also. Hugs, Teresa

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Good day today--Kind of heavy post though.

Even though the skies looked a bit wicked. This was taken at my house. In the country (driving home from my sister's) the clouds looked like they had streaks from the clouds to the ground. Kind of hard to see here.
Newport ornamental plum is still blooming.
Pear tree has some blooms.
Was able to get together with most of my family. My nephew that I haven't seen for years was also there. He had run away and joined the carnival about 18 years ago. No joke. His sisters, brother, mom and dad has seen him once in awhile. Rough around the edges, but was on his best behavior today. I see him on FB sometimes and he can be very rough. I don't go to his page as I would rather not see that side of him Even though I KNOW that it exists.  Actually he showed a lot of his old behavior today. A little show off at times. But mainly showed his caring about his family (us) side. Good to see him after so many years. As bad as it sounds I don't know if I can completely trust him. But still love him. Talk to him sometimes on FB. Told him that he hurt a lot of us when he ran off. But that I love him and am so glad that he is back in our lives at least part of the year. O.K. I know that I am getting into a pretty heavy subject. But it is a part of our family history. People do run away and join the circus/carnival. I remember the little boy that I use to take places. He was so innocent then. lol. Forget that they don't stay the same age when you don't see them for years. But anyway it was a good day. Hugs, Teresa

Saturday, April 7, 2012

Happy, Blessed Easter everyone

O.K. not Easter lillies. But just as pretty if not even prettier. All Lillies just say Happy Easter for me.
Of course the passion flower tells the whole story!
Awakening of life. What can more Easter like is that.
Hearts=love. Even though they aren't fully formed yet they symbolize the love we have for each other. The contrast between the leaves, stems and flowers symbolize the "differences" in each of us. No matter our color, nations, disabilities or what ever else is considered "different".
Happy Easter to everyone. I hope your holiday is full of happiness and love. Hugs, Teresa

Sunday, April 1, 2012

Dells Of The Eau Claire Park

This is the bridge you cross going into and out of the park. Very pretty.
As we climb around on the rocks in the river. Not as steady as I use to
Oh a tree fell across.
Looking down the river as we get into the middle of the river. Wish I had longer legs! Would make it easier to climb around on these rocks. lol Lots of different levels. Natural of course.
You can see how much climbing there was. But a lot of fun. You also can see the many colors.
This was taken up-river by the dam. The water has this copper tint.
Above the dam. Very peaceful here.
Moss and growths on this fallen tree.
Close-up of the rocks and bridge.
Steps leading from the picnic area down to the water. Looking up.
Look this tree has a nose!!
Look at the pillars on this bridge! This was WAY down from the rocks. Walk, Walk, Walk.
Same bridge. Doesn't it look like it goes on forever. Bridges the Park from the wildlife area.
One of the paths. All of them are very well goomed.
Road going into and out of park. That is the same pretty bridge I showed in the first pictures.
Even the shelters look rustic!
We had a great day. Wish I was a lot younger then my 56 when I do things like this. I  was better on my legs. Arthritis doesn't help. Not complaining...just a fact of life.  But I don't want to stop yet. WE HAD A BLAST! Beautiful day. This is only aout 1-1/2 hours away. Never knew it was there. I would like to go back in the fall when the leaves change. Funny what you find near you if you look. This is on the Eau Claire river near Wausau Wisconsin. Not even close to the city of Eau Claire. Hugs, Teresa