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Friday, September 30, 2011

Reality shot by Mockingbirdhill Cottage

Photobucket This is a post that Claudia does each thursday and she invites people to join in. Each of us has a place in our homes that aren't perfect (some like me that are almost all over their homes!). Places like tables with bills, magazines etc. Places that aren't perfect. We have all seen the perfect shots of peoples homes, now let's see the imperfect! Please join Claudia on her blog and let's see what areas of our homes we can find to show disorder. Life's reality.

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Funeral home in the dark! :(

My husband is at his grandmothers wake. He just called. A limb came down and they are sitting in the dark! :0  No I am not there. I usually go to funerals of people I know... but we couldn't find anyone to watch the dogs and he had to go overnight. For some reason they ( his dad) wanted him to go for the wake and funeral. Otherwise we would have driven down tomorrow. He drove down with his dad and step-mom.  Except for when I was in the hospital it is the first time in 9 years that we were apart over-night. It really isn't that weird as we work different shifts. But I usually see him for a little while when I get home from work.  But I have kept myself busy. I went to the museum to listen to a surviver of the Holocaust. Very interesting. His message is to not hate people. Even after all he has been through he can't hate those who have hurt him. He didn't go into a lot of graphic detail, but enough to get his point across. He has said that he doesn't know if it was luck, fate or a small blessing that he survived. Another message is that to hate is to lose and to love is to win. Great message to go away with! I bought his book while I was there (signed), Ragdolls by Henry Goode. I am on vacation this week or I wouldn't have been able to go. I work evenings and that is when everything I would like to do happens. Sometimes I think the world revolves around people who work days. Yes, I know they miss out on things also. I really am not whining and I am so grateful that I have a job! Plus I am NOT a morning person. lol. The first picture that I posted is one of the 3 bridges we have here. I love the color against the water. This the prettiest one of the three. The second picture is an engraving that is on the base of the 911 sculpture we have here. The 3rd picture is of the sculpture. Very pretty situated against the water. For some reason I am having trouble tonight getting the pictures in the order I want them to be in. Have a great day. Hugs, Teresa

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Missed this one! Plus santa ornament

This is our 11 inch long cucumber. It is 26 inches around. I don't know how I missed this one! But it still looks perfect. No yellowing as they usually get if they get too big. Still good eating. Might have to dig out the seeds as they aren't that good if they are too big. I thionk we could feed a few people with this one! lol. Lots of leaves falling now. Fall is officially here on friday. Which brings buying this guy at the craft show last weekend at a good time. But he is so cute any time would be good. I love how they used the paint brush handle as his hat and the bristles as part of his beard.

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Mr Wizard. Drying Hydrangeas

Meet Mr Wizard. We bought him a few years ago. He is one of my favorite statues in the yard. We even found some solar lights in the shape of crystal balls for him. He has two now. One had broken before I took this picture and we have since replaced it. Things are really growing up around him now and he doesn't look like he is standing out in a desert. It was nice out today and I finally got out into the garden. Deadheaded a lot of plants. I think when I am on vacation next week there will be some stuff to cut back. Depending on the weather of course. I like to keep things standing for awhile to let the energy go back into the roots. Die back naturally. Then cut them back. I am trying to decide on what to buy for bulbs. I have daffodils already. Tulips dont seem to last many years around here. I like them and wish the blooms lasted longer also. But then again I guess I wouldn't appreciate them as much if they bloomed for months. Just nice to have color in early spring. It was so nice to get outside and have time to get a few things done. I am making a list for next year on what plants need to be staked before they get to big. I have a habit off waiting too long. Next year I want to do some better (nicer looking) staking. I also cut some hydrangea for drying. Second picture, I really like the color on the Blushing Bride Hydrangea. I am trying to decide on how I want to use this in a decoration. Hopefully they will dry well.
These are the seeds from the blackberry lily. I wonder why they are called blackberry lilies? lol. I have had this plant for years and always enjoy all the stages the flowers go through. Nature is wonderful! I discover new things every day.
Well I guess I should get some shut eye. Hugs, Teresa

Playing around with background, etc...

Playing around with my blog. Changed background etc. Not sure that I like it though. What do you think?
Today was a nice day. My sisters were at a craft fair held at a campground. All the cabins were remodeled in the last few years so they are nice now. Not a lot of cabins, but nice. They did pretty good with crafts items that they sell. They do quite a few shows a year and have gotten to know a lot of the people who also show. One of my sisters makes snowmen, pumpkin people, and other items of that nature. One makes Barbie doll clothes ( I don't know how she sews such tiny sleeves etc). She sells ALOT of Barbie clothes.  Hanging pouches to use on recliners, beds, sewing tables, and also sews hot pads.  Mom makes baby blankets, cat blankets with pocket for catnip, cat toys and a few other items. They have quite a following now that they have been doing this fore awhile. Especially with Holiday things. So they are kept busy getting things ready for all the shows. They really lucked out today as it has been cold the last couple of days. But the sun came out today and the temps actually went up to comfortable.
We can really tell that fall is almost here though. The leaves are really stating to change colors and the gardens are looking kind of tired. I am going to have to start cutting things back. I am on vacation the last week of sept, but I think I will be starting to clean up some things before that.
I hope you all have a wonderful Sunday and week. Hugs, Teresa

Saturday, September 17, 2011

ABC's of me

A. Age: 55 at least until nov. 25th
B. Bed size: double
C. Chore that you hate: All . Funny as I am a housekeeper in a hospital
D. Dogs: 2 an English Cocker Spanial almost 10 named Murphy and a Pembroke Welsh Corgi. 5 years old named Tanner
E. Essential start to your day: Finally getting out of bed. I tend to stay up too late. Work until 11:30 pm. Need to wind down after work before bed. O.K. went off subject now. Going outside to see how the gardens are doing helps me wake up.
F. Favorite color: Green has always been my favorite color. Not a pink girl at all.
G. Gold or Silver: Gold
H. Height: 5'1"
I. Instruments you play: None. But would like to learn
J. Job title: Environmental Service Technition  Fancy name for housekeeper in a hospital.
K. Kids: Fur babies and 2 aquariums full of finned critters.
L. Live: Outside Green Bay Wisconsin
M. Mother’s name: Beata. Very old fashioned name.
N. Nicknames: Terry
O. Overnight hospital stays: Yes gallbladder and hyst.
P. Pet peeves: Bad drivers,
Q. Quote from a movie: Can't think of any right now
R. Right or left handed: Right handed!
S. Siblings: 4 sisters and 3 brothers
T. Time you wake up? 11:00 but went to bed about 4 am.

Vegatable you hate: Lima beans. :(
Made you run late: Over slept
X-rays you've had: ct scan for kidney stones. ankle, elbow, MRI when I Gillian Barre Syndrom
Y- Yumm: Pizza
Z-zoo animal: We were just there. I would have to say the kangaroos. Especially since 3 out of 4 had joeys in their pouches.

You should answer these too! Post a link so I can check it out.

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

What a difference a day makes!

Stepped outside and there is definitely a chill in the air. I have vacation is 2 weeks and looking at the perennial flowers it looks like I will be starting to cut them back. Kind of sad to see. Not looking forward to winter at all. Trees are also starting to turn. Maples most of all. Our ash tree has lost some leaves also. Again...not ready for this.
I stained some baseboards yesterday. Mini ones. Hopefully this weekend I will be able to put it in the house. I had to order more. But as I still have a couple of rooms to paper and put flooring in I can wait for it to arrive. I also finished the wall to enclose the staircase. Trust me, it does look better in person! The "stucco" part is more of a off white, not the yellow color in the picture. I still have to put knobs on the doors. I wallpapered the otherside to match the wallpaper in the room. I want to make a curtain for the door before I put the wall in.
Not much else happening around here. Which can be a good thing. lol.
Have a great day, hugs Teresa

Sunday, September 11, 2011

I have never seen this before!

I Have never seen a joey before! These little guys really get a ride when their moms hop around. Funny the poor little ones don't get whip-lash. There were 4 kangaroos and 3 of them had joeys in their pouches. The other pictures are some of the other animals I was facinated by. They all have outside enclosures, but for some reason wanted to be inside yesterday. So taking pictures was hard as they were behind glass.
Isn't he just gorgeous! He was so relaxed. Just posing and watching everyone.
Did you know that flamingos get their color from the foods they eat?
This is a red Panda. How can anyone resist that face!
He was really striking a pose! Gordeous!
This is Joey. She was very active until she decided that she wanted to snuggle with her blaney and trash can. She hates to go outside and would rather watch people. You can't even imagaine how strong these guys are! Her palyground equipment was humongous!
This guy was playing with the ball just like any domesticated cat. He was having a good old time!
Kind of like beauty and the beast. He may not be pretty, But he is interesting! This room was large and all the birds got to fly where ever they wanted to. Birds perched all over the rocks.
More flamingos.
We were at the Milwaukee Zoo in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Very large zoo. We really got a work out walking around. It was so nice to get outside! Weather was perfect. Just so nice to get away. Isn't it great to see all the color God puts into our lives! I LOVE animals and am saddened that so many are so near extintion.

Thursday, September 8, 2011

She is so Beautiful! Pictures

This is aphrodite Hosta. Funny how I just posted yeasterday that I was still waiting for her to bloom! Like I said yesterday, she bloomed once before but always down in the plant and I would see it after it was to late and the bloom was spent. But this year she is standing tall and proud. I should really look aphrodite up and see if this "god" was male or female. But I am so happy to see this plant blooming! She is also scented. What a beautiful day to open. The skies are bright blue.
This is a big day for Green Bay. Packers play their first regular game of the season. Plus their is going to be a big concert before. Kid Rock, Lady Antibellium, and Maroon 5. Free concert. That part of the city is going to be rocking! I just have to figure out what way I want to take to work. I live south of the arena and work north of the arena. So i had better give myself plenty of time to travel through the mess of traffic. Hope everyone going has a great time! Funny how as I have lived here my whole life I have never been to a Packers game. But then again I am not really all that interested in going. I know Bah Humbug. I watch the game if I am home, but I am not a die hard fan that is glued to the t.v. on game days.
Well I had better start thinking about getting ready for work. Have a great day everyone, Teresa

Wednesday, September 7, 2011


What a difference! Really feels cool out there right now. My aphrodite Hosta has big buds on it right now. It is a double blooming one. So I hope it blooms before we get a frost. We have had blooms before, but they have been down in the plant and I would see them after they were past their prime. :(  The ones this year are standing well above the plant and the buds are huge. I have been waiting with bated breath for a couple of weeks now. They stay in bud for a long time.
Small interruption. Downey woodpecker was out there. I could hear him chirping. He was on the suet. But of course didn't stick around long enough to get a good picture. We get a downey and a red headed woodpeckers here. Quite shy though. Guess I wouldn't like them if they beat up the house would I?
Vacation the end of the month. No plans. Jeff is working. But sure he will get one day off. I will play it by ear on what I want to do. It will just be nice to have off from work.
Nasty cold. But not as bad as the one Jeff had. He had to go on an inhaler and anti-b's. Very filled lungs, wheezing etc. Mine is of the head variety. It's that time of year around here. But working in a hospital it seems that it has started earlier this year. Every year is so different.
Got my partial trimmed down yesterday. Much better. It had rubbed some nasty sores on my gums. Of course this was over the long weekend and nothing could be done about the problem. :( back in my mouth were they belong again. Not saying that I am use to them yet. But getting better.
Well off to work soon. Hugs, Teresa

Monday, September 5, 2011

Wallpapered today...

 Not the greatest picture. The wall are more brown with dots on walls and chickens above.
O.K. I know it was just a room in a dollhouse! But it does look good. I like it a lot better then the paper that I first had in there. Poor Auntie Gertie has been waiting for me to get her home done for so long. Sorry A.G. it will be awhile yet. Still have to paper one more room and put flooring in 2 rooms. Doesn't seem like much, but I haven't decided on what paper I want to go with. I DO NOT want to tear more paper out. Most rooms need base boards yet. Have to order more. This is a picture of her on the top of the post. Either she looks mad that I am taking so long or constipated. Of course she hasn't had a bathroom for awhile... o.k. that was really lame! It is coming a long though. Gertie is a widow and I don't know yet if she is renting out rooms for extra money. I have to get her story straight. Then it will be easier to finish her home. For some reason this house isn't talking to me. (miniaturist talk...ask any miniaturist about their houses talking to them... some houses are very vocal on what they want!) I also finished painting and staining the wall that I made to enclose the staircase. Just have to wallpaper the back of it (staircase side) yet. But at least it is getting there.
A little more sunny today. It has been a very wet labor day weekend. At least friday, saturday and sunny. Today, monday, finally cleared up. Just in time for the people traveling to come home. But better then driving rain for traveling. I think fall is not too far off. We are getting a few colored leaves. Some of the ash tree leaves have fallen. Not ready for winter! Temps sure have dropped already. BRR.
Well guess that is about it for here. Hugs, Teresa

Saturday, September 3, 2011

Grandma's Pie

Grannie made such beautiful pies! One day I asked her, how do you get such beautiful pies with crimps around the edges so even. "It's a family secret, she said, so promise not to tell"! I roll the dough out, then cut the botto, out carefully put it in the pie plate. Then I slowly pour the filling making sure that it isn't too full. Next I cut out the top layer and put it over the filling. Finally I take my teeth out and run them around the edge of the pie crust. They make the nicest even impressions you have ever seen!

I like this one! lol.
We had some wicked thunder and lightning storms today. We did luck out though as we only had one large branch break off. With over 300 perennials we only had 2 casualties. hey might still recover though. Just not as nice as they were, at least for this year. The branch just missed our sunroom. All I could see when I stepped into the sunroom was the crown of the limb and a sea of leaves. At first when I got outside I thought that we had lost a lot of plants. I was almost afraid to pull the limb away. Someone must really be watching out for one of the tree peoneys as it has been hit so many times and has only lost a few branches here and there. Most of the brach fell on the path leading to the arbor. The end of the branch landed about 2 feet in front of the arbor. Couldn't have fallen any better. We were blessed that it didn't fall on the house. There are a lot of people that have been out of power around here going on 18 hours. Worst part is that people are calling their insurance agents and hearing that because of the holiday weekend no one can get out to the houses until tuesday! Yeah, I have a hole in my roof. But it can't be taken care of until tuesday! I can see if this was a huge storm like on the east coast and thousands or more homes were affected, but because of a holiday...
I don't have a lot of plans for the weekend. Jeff has to work. I want to work on the dollhouse and also go through my closet. Weed out the sweatshirts that I won't wear anymore. Those I am planning to cut up and make into mittens for the homeless shelter. Should be nice and warm. OHHH Jeff let me trace your hand.  Mostly guys there so I will need to make bigger pairs. Nothing fancy. Just for warmth. Don't really want to think about it, but winter will be here before we want it to be. So best I start now.
Weather is suppose to be nice here. I hope everyone has a great weekend. Hugs, Teresa