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Sunday, January 29, 2012

Icy day trip. Caves and ice sculptures

Driving into Cave Point Park in Door County Wisconsin
Just a few ice cycles on the rocks!
Very icy from the water splashing on the rocks.
Standing on the rocks was very cold. But only way to see down the shoreline.
Puddle. Wierd ice formation on it.
Then to Broadway Street in Green Bay to see the ice sculptures. This was part of the largest sculpture.
Largest ice sculpture was in front of a huge candy store.
Duck with baby duck on her back.
Girl doing gymnastics. I am surprised that the arms could support this weight.
It was a very cold day, but so nice to get out. We could tell that the winds haven't been out of the east as there would have been ice hanging off the trees above the rocks at Cave Point. When it is cold and the winds are right there is ice hanging off everything. But it was very pretty anyway. Hard to get good shots in the winter. Colors never come out just right.  Click twice on the pictures to see them better. Hugs, Teresa

Saturday, January 28, 2012

Light from Heaven!

May the light of God's grace fall on this farm!
More light from Heaven! Much brighter in person.
Too bad that so many barns are looking like this now. Actually 2 barns in this picture. But going 65 miles per hour doesn't give you much time to set the shot. Plus no where to pull over on this highway!
Jeff gassing up for our get-away.
The place we wanted to go to wasn't open when we got there. But it was nice to take a drive. It is so wierd to see the fields so snowless. This is not a typicle January. Not complaining at all. Hopefully we will be ablr to go to Cave Point tomorrow. Jeff goes back to work half shifts on monday. His knee is better, but still on some restrictions. Which of course it's means we won't be able to hike yet, but there are places in the park we can get to. Hope to have pictures tomorrow or monday. Remember to double click the pictures to see them better.  Hugs, Teresa

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Slip sliding away

That is what we were doing today. Jeff and I were going to go do some errands and BOTH ended up on our backs stepping off the porch! Didn't even know there was ice out there. We had to crawl back to the porch to stand back up! We are both sore (Jeff had just had an operation on his knee about 6 weeks ago) But we feel better now. Sore, but not as bad. I just hope Jeff didn't screw up his knee. We will be staying in tonight. That was the fastest trip we ever took. Errands can wait for another day!! I knew that we were suppose to get freezing drizzle tonight, but didn't think it arrived already. We decided to play picture search and finds on the computer. Much safer. LOL.  Maybe the picture above is what I should do the rest of the evening. Nice relaxing book. Hugs, Teresa
It was actually sunny the other day!!! Forecasting freezing drizzle today. Yuck! This is Murphy's favorite spot on sunny afternoons. Murphy does look very comfortable. He is 10 and I think this feels so good on his joints. It has been so mild this winter that winter seems to e going pretty fast. But we do have to get through February yet. The Farmers Almanac is predicting a lot of snow for Feb. This week is suppose to be in the 30's again, which is very unusual for January here in Wisconsin. But I for one am not complaining! Have a great Sunday everyone. Hugs, Teresa

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Mini give-away---I could use this!

My 100th Follow Giveaway
Drawing 2-14-12  Audra is having a give-away! I would love this! $20 gift certificate to Happily Ever After miniature store!!! I am off to check this place out. I love working and lokking at minis.

Friday, January 13, 2012

Give-away! Amy is having a great give-away. One of the gifts is one of her sweet crocheted teddy bears. Plus 2 other great gifts. I for one want to win! Not usually lucky, but you never know! Please go over there and see for yourself what she has for you.

Monday, January 9, 2012

Too beautiful to stay in today

So we walked amongst the ducks...
These bright orange feet crack me up! God has a humorous side!
Of course the orange feet go well with the bright green head. Can you say fashion statement!
The ducks fly away..
The geese ice skate....
and the ducks fly in.
Even in winter the sun brings out the colors!
The bright red dogwood is so pretty against this fence!
Another bridge...just interesting.
As the goose points out, the day away is ending.
Old duck sciff. Never know what you are going to find exploring!
Hugs, Teresa

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Winter in Wisconsin (did I say winter?)

The Joesephs (sp?) Coat rose never lost it's leaves! Just a flexible as they are in the summer!
The 7 sister's rose bush canes are turning bright green again!
Columbine peeking it's head out.
Hard to see, but the Harry Lauder's walking stick has leaf buds!
Hummingbird mint is also happy to see the warm, sunny day.
This you NEVER see in January here in Wisconsin! The yard is bare! What little snow we have had has left! I am not complaining at all! But according to the Farmer's Almanac febuary is suppose to be a record breaker for snow. But at least that will be closer to spring. I walked around the yard in a t-shirt and jeans taking these pictures. At least until I did get too cold...43 degrees today! But did it feel good to get out and enjoy the sun! OOOPPPS I gues you can still see a little snow by the fence line. Have a great Sunday everyone. Hugs, Teresa

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Look who I came to visit!

He is gorgeous!
We have been getting some different animals and birds in our yard the last few years. Albino squirrel, different butterflies, and now a red bellied woodpecker. He sure is pretty! How did every ones New Year start out? Ours was quiet. Which is no problem with me! Hopefully it will be an uneventful year for every one. This has been a very mild winter so far. Little snow and now the temps are going to be near 40 degrees this weekend. I can live with that! According to the Farmers Almanac though February is suppose to be terrible for snow. But we will wait and see. I know the farmers need the snow cover for moisture in the spring, but I could live without much snow this year! Also would not want to be a business depending on tourists! The last few years have been terrible for them. Anyway I hope you have a great week! Hugs, Teresa