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Thursday, March 27, 2014

Sandhill cranes and an update

My sister is a seemstress and the first thing she saw when I posted this picture is that this crane has a sewing needle for a beak!! lol

Their walk just cracks me up

This is Lucky. Some how he survived the bitter cold and deep snows that we had this winter.

 This is the lap quilt I made for my mom. Not perfect. You can see that by the top row. But she was so happy with it. I took these pictures at Thanksgiving and Christmas. Never imagining that she would be diagnosed with cancer just a few weeks later. They are pictures of my siblings and their families. Of course mom is in a few of them. The sayings in each corner were found on the web. I wish I would have taken the picture before I washed it. It wasn't as wrinkled! It turned out pretty good for someone who doesn't sew much. Nothing like sewing something for a seemstress! But she said that it looked perfect to her. It does look much better in person.
Some how I lost half of my post. so I will have to type it up again.
Update on mom
She is happy with the news she got yesterday The tumor is statrting to shrink. Not a lot, but anything is great. So that is good news.But when she got home she got a call from her sister. Mom's brother in law passed away. Big blessing for him. But not easy for us of course. But he is in peace now.
Mom did pretty good so far this week. They stopped the chenmo for now. They felt that combined with the radiation that it was too hard on her. She will probably get a couple of treatments after radiation is done. She was having a big problem with fluids as she had very bad diarrhea for awhile. But now we have a medication to put in her feeding tube when she has problems. So right now she is scheduled to have fluids only 2 days a week. Hopefully she won't have any trouble this weekend and have to go in. The last three weekends she has either been having to go in to the clinic for fluids or like last friday ending up in ER. Hopefully she will have a good weekend now. I mean Sat. and Sundays are her only days off from going in. Would be nice if she didn't have to see the hospital for a couple of days. :)
She fell Sunday night while I was there. She slipped off her tub seat. I had to pulll her out of the tub. I thought i was going to have to call my husband. But I was able to get her out. I don't know if that is why she is afraid to be alone now. We were staying most of the day and all night. But now she is afraid to be alone at all. So we are scheduling everyone so that she is never alone. Luckily I have 7 siblings!!! I don't know how anyone does this alone!! It sure has been a roller coaster ride for emotions. Tears come easily, but I am better then I was. I think knowing her treatment scheduled helped. The forst 2 months were full of tests and not knowing what was going to happen next. Kind of like 2 steps forward and 3 steps back.
We are really amazed at the the strength that mom has shown. She is much stronger then me. How can I be so strong when I am around her and be weepy (at times) when I am at work or home? Never know when that is going to happen.
She still has a couple of weeks of radiation. But yesterdays news has really helped. Knowing that it is working.
Please continue to pray for our family. Thank you. Hugs, Teresa