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Sunday, March 25, 2012

Spring? Colder today. But still gorgeous!

I love Daffodils! I want to put more variety and colors in this fall. Also need to think about some for the front yard. I don't have any in there yet. They are going strong yet. But I know they won't last too much longer. :(  I still have a few smaller ones that will be blooming in the next couple of days.
I couldn't resist the cones of the Acracona Norway Spruce. would you believe that they are fluorescent pink when they first form!
The bleeding heart plants are now starting to form hearts. Plant is still small and they will continue to form as the plant grows.
The creeping jacobs ladder is also forming flower buds. Should be in bloom any day now.
Rain drops on the lupine. I like how they look like diamonds.
Tiny diamonds in the sedum.
The hairs on the ladies mantle plant  leaves catch the rain drops also.
More daffs...Have I said how much I love them!
It was colder today. But still nothing like a typical March. Cloudy and drizzly yesterday. Today full sun. We did a lot of work outside. Tidied things up. Every day brings new surprises. New plants popping up, different birds and different sounds. Hugs, Teresa

Friday, March 23, 2012


Forgot we had this one. I think it is so pretty!!! Now to decide on where I want to use it!
Of course I can't take a picture without one of the boys having to be involved! Should have ironed it before I took the picture. (dresser scarf...not
Verigated Jacobs Ladder is really popping up now. I think the one in the back bed will be even more colorful. It is facinating to see what God has put on this earth for us to enjoy!
Been back to work since tues. The ankle is starting to loosen up a little. At least the achelli's has calmed down somewhat. I can step backwards now without pain shooting up the back of my leg. So that is good! Seeing my podiatrist on april 2nd. Just to see if there is some way I can avoid this happening so much. Usually I don't miss work. Two days , luckily the weekend was in there also. So I didn't have to miss more.
Funny how the weather can change. 80's for a few days, back to 50 today! A little more normal for us. Rainy today. But we do need the rain, so I am not complaining. Well better get ready for work. TGIF! Hugs, Teresa

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

I can't believe the weather....March 75 degrees

This is more normal for this time of the year! Catkins from last year...BUT it also has a lot of new buds.
The tree peoneys are sending out new growth. Pretty color on new leaves.
Rose bush (7 sisters) has really taken off in the last couple of days.
Gold leaf bleedingheart. I wouldn't be surprised if we see new flower bids coming on. They usually do before the plant gets full growth. Huge plant. All the bleedinghearts are coming up nicely.
Prairie Smoke has flower bud. This one is usually earlier then a lot of plants...but not this early!
Lupine really surprises me that it is up and so big already!
Newport ornamental plum.
Our yard in March! WHAT!! No snow!
Lots of growth already.
Daffs really bloomed today! This end of the bed is in full bloom. The other end is in bud.
Red wing black bird has made his apperance. Lots of new birds coming back everyday.
Jeff and I were talking aout how early this is all showing up. I don't want to think about how died back the plants will be in mid-summer this year. Maybe they will surprise me and keep going. I may have to do more with annuals to keep color out there. Not complaining though.Hugs, Teresa

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Not quite as sunny today...but still nice

Pretty cloudy most of the day, but the clouds were pretty!
Look dark but no rain.
Pictures taken from the yard swing. This one over the sunroom.
If he was a turtle instead of a tortoise he would be telling us to take the plywood off the pond and fill it with water. It has been so nice that Jeff has put all the statuary out for the season.
Can't see the sunsets to well from our house. But this is still kind of pretty!
I took the brace off my ankle tonight. So far so good. But going to wear it overnight to protect it. See how I do tomorrow. Maybe back to work on Tuesday. Have to see. Hugs, Teresa

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Beautiful day again today

My little buddy (Tanner) stuck by me all day.  Murphy likes the comfort of the house more.
There are things really popping up already...IN MARCH! Usually about 35 degrees about this time of year. We reach 78 today! Not complaining at all! :)
Meet our male Downy woodpecker. We also do see a female on the suet at times. But not today. First time I was able to capture his picture without glass between us! :)
This robin spent a lot of time in our yard today She hears something...
And there it is..a worm in the lower right corner. picked it up, but must not have been to her liking as she dropped it right away.
You would never know with her black and grey back that she would have color on her front.
Hydrangea is budding out.
7 sisters rose canes are really getting green now!
Very blue skies today!
I might have to stay on my ankle for a few days, but the photo opts came to me!! Sat on the swing outside for hours today. All I could think of was how nice that it isn't a typical March! Otherwise I would be sitting inside looking out at snow on the ground or a blizzard! I don't know yet if I will be going back to work on Monday. Depends on how my ankle feels. Getting better but don't want to rush it. Cramping a lot tonight.  But at least it feels somewhat better then the last couple of days. Of course the prendisone doesn't hurt! lol Hugs, Teresa


Tendonitis of the archilles tendon.OUCH! I really don't think that I will be going back to work yet on monday. Hurt all last week. Thursday at work was very miserable. Went to URGENT Care on friday. (couldn't get into my orthopedic dr for 2 weeks! Sometimes specialists are so unavailable)
Did some staining for the Bellingham dollhouse. Big piece is for flooring in the upper hallway. Good sized room. The rest is baseboard and other pieces are for making a window seat. I have made one for the livingroom and want to make one for the bedroom. Still have to upholster the livingroom one. (pictures soon).
Inspiration picture. I'd love to do a roombox like this.
Hae a great St Patrick's Day and weekend. Hugs, Teresa

Thursday, March 15, 2012

It was so sunny I went for a drive on sunday.

First I drove to Oconto Falls just to look around. Never know what you will find to take a picture of. A hydraulic dam. Kind of pretty with all the colors.
The geese were enjoying the nice weather. It was in the 50's on Sunday while I was there. Today it was in the mid 70's! Very much a not typical March!
A nice restful place to relax. I always find water like this relaxing!
I was at a restaurant a few weeks ago and this was the view from part of the dining room. Another peaceful place. That day the river was ice covered. Thin ice...but covered. Still a little ice left. I am sure that after today it is gone. But on Sunday there was still a bit of ice. This place is just outside of town. Dad use to take mom and us kids fishing there. Think dad, mom and 8 kids lined up on the shore-line.
A close-up of part of the train trestle.
This is on the side of the restaurant.  I remember it being deeper when we were kids!  I don't mind this weather at all. Plants are coming up far earlier then usual! We could still get a blizzard, but with the temps in the 60's and 70's the rest of this week and next week I don't think we have to worry about it getting a lot colder for the next couple of months. But of course stranger things have happened around here. Normal temps around here at this time of the year is in the 30's. Gas is now at $3.84. Hopefully it won't get much higher. Tourism will be in the hole for resorts, etc again this year if gas goes much higher. I would not want to be in that business. Well off to bed go I. 1:30 a.m. here. Bye. Hugs, Teresa

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Vintage crocheted table-cloth

Love this monkey! He makes me laugh!
As if we don't have so many of these around here! Our albino squarril is our favorite.
Well fed mountain goat!
Of course there has to be an elephant!
A little harder to make out the lion. I do have to repair one thread in this one.
Add a Billy Goat Gruff!
Very regal buck! (or is it a reindeer?
Goofy bear
Dogs are good. Not sure how he fits in with the wild animals.
Bunny rabbit just ready to go hopping off
Not sure of this one. We have a horse already. I love the border! Cute idea to put crocet acorns into it.
And here it is!
This is the whole table-cloth, It is large! Of course Murphy wasn't going to be left out.
My mom gave it to me a few years ago. I don't know who made it, etc. I do know that it has been around for years and years. Packed away. I am not sure what I am going to do with it. I could make it into a wall-hanging but it takes up a lot of space.
I took a day trip today. I will post pictures of where I went another day. Temps are normally in the 30's and it hit 62 today. Even warmer the next few days. Sure not complaining here! Hugs, Teresa