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Saturday, October 27, 2012

Can anyone translate this from French to English?

Merci vous tous pour vos si gentils vous ux, cela m'a fait un immense plaiser. Vous etes une 'equipe tre's dou'ee et professionnelle et vous me manquez de'jia. Bonne Chance a' l'avenic! 

Our boss was tranferred to California and left us this message. I can't make the little symbol ever the word etes (^)  I hope I got the spelling  of all the words right as he doesn't have the clearest writing. I tried to put this on a translater on the web and some of the word came back the same. "avenic, de'jia, dou'ee, voe, ux.
Thank you for your help in advance.

Friday, October 26, 2012


I was listening to a song on the radio today, not that I can remember the name right now. It had me thinking about grandparents. My grandpa on my dad's side has been gone since I was 2 years old. My grandmas have both been gone since I was in junior and senior high school. So many years ago. I remember my dad's mom as she stayed with us each time mom had a new baby. So that was A LOT. ( I have 7 siblings). Even though we saw my mom's mom a lot I don't have quite as many memories. I can see her in my mind but no real special moments. But I do remember that she had to give us a big kiss each time we saw her. Being a shy kid I didn't feel comfortable with that. She also was a little more strict then my other grandma. Not bad. But not as fun as my other grandma. But we always knew that they loved us so much.
Then there was my mom's dad! He was fun. Always telling stories and jokes. He could run foot races with us into his 80's. ( and even win some of them!). He could add his and our Kismet scores up faster then we could add up just our own scores.  All with a 3rd grade education. He was well known in his village of Greenleaf, Wi for his chicken booyah. Anyone who would visit for supper was served either chicken booyah or wieners. (or both). He always had chocolate with cream centered candy. I hated that candy. But we always HAD to have a piece or two. Grandpa had alapecia and I don't remember him with hair. So it was always funny to see pictures of him in his younger years when he had hair. We asked him why he never remarried. But he said he could never have found someone special like my grandma. Could you imagine loving someone like that! She had died so many years ago at that time.  When he turned 90 my parents , aunts and uncle had a party at the firehouse (small town, remember), for him and 200 people showed up! He starting slowing down after that. First his legs and then cancer. He lived to be 92. He has been gone for 22 years now and his memory is still strong.
Funny how a song on the radio can trigger memories!
What is your memories of one (or more) of your grandparents?
Hugs, Teresa

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Thank you and some thoughts at this time of year. :)


I am already missing my pretties! Everything, except some coneflowers, asters and blanket flowers have been cut down for the winter. :(.  Funny how you don't realize JUST HOW MANY plants you have until you do the fall clean up. I am not complaining though when I think back to blooms like these or other pictures that I took of them in my gardens. :)
I can't wait for spring to see my backyard to come alive again. When I think of taking this picture (and others) from the house roof and the look on my husbands face...priceless!
Soon it will be this time of year. Can you believe that Christmas is only about 2 months away!
Maybe I will even get this house done this winter. Bellingham Farmhouse. Right now it is filled to brim with stuff from working on the contest I just did. Actually the whole table is buried! Now to put everything back in it's place. Seperate everything back into the proper containers. I have everything organized when I am not working on something. But then when I start on something I can get disorganized very fast.

I have a baby shower to go to in November. Does anyone hae an idea for something different. Infant to toddler. I did pick up some items at craft fairs. Bibs, burp towels, large reciving blanket, Very nice size, bigger then usual. But would like to make or buy something else. Not too expensive. I can sew. I know that I will add a couple of books as I think books are very important for kids (and adults).

I also want to thank everyone who commented on my contest dollhouse pictures. I have gotten so many words of praise on how it turned out. I loved doing it.Though stressful at times.  Now to fix the "grass". I had it is the sunroom and a chipmunk or mouse ate it. I wonder if he/she got a stomach ache? Ate it or used it for a nest? Must have tasted real good! :~  We leave the door open in good weather for the dogs, when we are home of course. We had a bird sitting on a false birdhouse one day. lol.  Thank you again. Hugs, Teresa

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Didn't win!

This was my entry:


Here is a link to all the entries. Greenleaf Dollhouse contest.

Congratuations to all the winners and everyone else who entered. Fabulous work.

Sunday, October 14, 2012


Philadelphia pumpkin cream cheese! Enough said.
Rainy weekend, but not complaining as we need it badly. We did a lot to our yard already the last couple of weeks so a couple of days of not getting out there is o.k. Actually FUN! Not that we did a lot, but nice to take a break. I got about 2/3 of the perennials cut back. Jeff has caught up with the leaves. Until the neighboors leaves start falling. Of course the wind always blows in our direction. But the trees are very pretty right now!
I wonder if we will hear who has won the Greenleaf Dollhouse Fling contest. We were suppose to find out the first week of Oct. Didn't happen, so hopefully this week. Then we should be able to see all the entries. I can't wait. I saw the ones that were entered by forum members, but haven't seen the ones from the non-forum members yet. It is always interesting to see what different ideas people have for the same kit. I really love mine this year. Hopefully the judges will agree. :)  Buteven if they don't, I am proud of it.
Hey! I was actually able to add pictures to my post! Been a long time since this happened! Hopefully the next time I post I will be able to add pictures again. Guess I will just have to wait and see. Dinner is calling
Have a great week everyone.

Saturday, October 6, 2012

Unsilenced Violence supporter.

I am a supporter of this cause! Having known 3 women who died by the hand of someone who was suppose to love them I can't keep silent on this cause. This is such a hushed up subject. A women feels so helpless in this situation. Women can hide this so well. You never know who may be in danger. I wish I would have known. I hadn't seen these women much as all of our lives get busy. But I wish that they could have talked to me. It is surprising what you learn after someone is gone. Please support women so that they feel comfortable and feel like they will be supported and believed if they find themselves in this situation. The web site is   The stories are heartbreaking. But I think that we need to be informed. I haven't looked at the whole site yet but wanted to get it out there for people to see. I want to learn more about signs to look for, etc. Hugs, Teresa

Thursday, October 4, 2012

Dollshouse World Magazine.

Does anyone get this magazine. I would like a copy of an article from issue number 213. On the cover is a picture of a barn made into a house. I would like to see how they did this. Can anyone help me with this? I have never done e-bay, but may have to try there.
Beautiful day today. The fall colors are about at their peak. Hopefully they will hold on for the weekend. I would like to drive around looking at them. But they are really changing fast. Once they start changing they aren't around long.
Lots of craft fairs this weekend. I see that there is an Amish one about an hours drive from here on saturday. Then 2 of my sisters and mom are in one on sunday. This one is HUGE! I don't know how far I will get this weekend as there is so much to do with the gardens. I started to cut back some of the perennials today before work. Always sad to see all the green go away. :( But even with the lack of rain the flowers and tomatoes did great this year. Hopefully we will get rain soon. Last rain was over a month ago. I hate for everything to go into winter dry. Not good for them.
The feeders are full of birds. Nuthatches, chickodees, blue jays, sparrows, cardinals and mourning doves. We have the heated bird bath up, so they are enjoying that also.Seeing as it is now 3:30 am I guess I should get some sleep. Hugs, Teresa