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Monday, July 21, 2014

Having trouble uploading pictures!

I really wanted to show you some of the pictures I took at the Pow Wow a couple of weekends ago. But am not having any luck at all. I tried uploading right from Picassa but got an error message. Also tried one at a time on here but not much more luck. Guess I will try again another time.

I was able to get this one in. It is one of my favorites! I love the look of pride on her face. Plus the happiness of the girls.

Saturday, July 19, 2014

Been gone so long

It has been so long since I had posted anything. The last 7 months have been so busy. Mom is done with radiation now. They can't do anything else. The tumor has shrunk way down, but she wasn't able to handle chemo so it is not completely gone. But we are hoping that it will be slow to grow back. The PET scan looked good. No cancer anywhere else. She is gaining strength every day and is able to get out more now. But of course the best laid plans....she had an bladder infection so that has wiped her out the last few days. Not sure if it was the infection, anti-b's or not eating good. Being sick from the anti-b's. She was just taken off her daytime tube feedings, but has put herself back on once a day just to make sure she gets enough to eat. She is still on 12 hours over night. Hopefully now that she is off the anti-b's she will be able to start eating by mouth again without getting sick. Not that she can eat much by mouth. The scar tissue/tumor is still blocking part of the esphogus tube. But she does get some food past it. Hopefully she will get back to where she was a week ago. She was able to finally go places. Anyway it has been a long 7 months, but I would not trade my time with her for anything. We don't know how long she will be around so we all are making the most of it. I always thought that Hospice was for when you were dying.  But she is on it now. They will help monitor her and get anything she needs. When we saw the Dr the last time she told mom to get her affairs in order. Contact Hospice. etc. The Dr hopes that the cancer grows back slowly. But better to get everything taken care of now so that we aren't scrambling around at the last minute. This was so hard to hear. I went to work that night and had to go home after an hour and a half as I started crying and couldn't stop. Stress built up and it had to come out somehow. Funny how you think you are handling things so well, and then... Mom just turned 85 on thursday. Only one person has said something about her age. I know she is old, but... Anyway I hope this all makes sense.
The collage is pictures I took of the moon in the last week. Hugs, Teresa