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Sunday, May 27, 2012

Anyone know this other pictures.

Does anyone know what this plant is? It looks somewhat like prairie smoke, but doesn't get the smoke.
Yellow false indigo (Baptisia) It hasn't gotten as big as our purle ones. Guess it will in time. Those have become large shrubs. About 36 inches high and round.
Joseph's coat. (climbing) It is doing so much better in the spot we have it in now.
camassia (sacajawea)
Sideways again. Tanner hates getting picked up. Hot day tougne is as long as his head. lol
Dad put me down! Now!
One side of the backyard. Taken from computer room.
Taken from the other end. Enough room for Tanner and Murphy to play in. Tanner always comes running if he sees me with the camera. He also is our little Bud and follows us around the yard. Taking pictures is so much fun with them as they always walk between the camera and subject. They know they are cute and think they have to be in every picture. I combed Tanner today. (we had hairballs all rolling over the floors) . Corgis are great dogs...but wow do they shed!

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Something new everyday!

aquilegia varagaris Double red/white

Giant Jack In The Pulpet. Sorry for the sideways picture. Guess I shouldn't tuen the camera when I take pictures. Too tall then?
Yellow, orange (fire breather) and black irises.
Camassia (Sacajawea)
Painted daisey
Orchid colored iris.
Again sorry for the sideways pictures! I'll try to make sure that I only add pictures that I take horizonaly. But some shots are just better taken vertically.
Beautiful day today. Very sunny. Hugs, Teresa

Monday, May 21, 2012

Sunday thoughts and pictures

This rex begonia is so cool! Escargo. I love the curl! This is kind of how I felt today working on my fling. Going in circles. Dollhouse contest from the Greenleaf Dollhouse Company. Most went well, but...some will have to be done over. Trying something new. But to grow is to try new things. That is why I like doing dollhouse contests. Always stretching my ablilties.
Isn't this verigated weiglia pretty. Not only are the leaves verigated. The flowers are also.
Robin eggs have hatched. I can't tell if there are 3 or 4 babies. It will be easier when they are a little older and "sitting" up more. The mom isn't too bad with me working in that area. Getting a little more vocal though. At least she doesn't dive bomb me! She really made her home in the 7 sisters climbing rose. She has just enough room to make a fast entrance or exit.
The Acracona ( sp? I can't find my plant tag).  Norway Sruce is just getting it's bright pink comes now. These cones get about 4 inches long and glow in the sun.
I hope everyone had a great weekend. Hugs, Teresa

Friday, May 18, 2012

Our tree

Kinkaku  We planted this one this year. I can't wait to see it bloom! But it will be at least a year or two.
First year it bloomed. I am very pleased with the color!
Shimadaijin  It is even more purple in person! This one I bought as a 4 inch boxed plant at a garden center here. It grew faster then I thought it would.
Very pretty pink. This one does sucker as it isn't on it's own root. But very nice plant.
This little girl looks over the garden for us!
Rhodie decided to bloom! After about 7 years and one move to see if he was happier in a new spot he rewarded us with about 8 blooms. I told Jeff to be patient, but even I was getting discouraged after a time though. Glad we waited it out. I don't like to just get rid of something though if we have room for it. Unless we find it INVASIVE!
Shima-nishiski  I got this one out of order!Almost forgot to include it!  Our oldest tree peoney. This one is getting strange as it reverts back to all red on some branches. Makes for an interesting plant though. The top ones are all red/white. The bottom one kind of alternate around the plant.
This is a dwarf tree Jeff bought yesterday.
Horstmann's Silberlocke Korean Fir I love how the needles circle the branches showing their silver undersides. Sorry for the sideways picture. :(
There is so much in bloom right now! Jeff laughs as he knows where to find me! Out there walking around with my camera! Have a great day. Hugs, Teresa

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Stone barn, old barns and a beautiful day for a ride.

Old stone barn in Chase Wisconsin. Made of fieldstone. Chase is taking donations to fix up the barn and make it into a park. Museum inside. More information on the history of the barn here... 
You can see all the colors of the stones in this picture. Pretty arches over the doors and windows.
These doors were built to bring the wagon of "loose" hay inside. Huge mound of hay on a flat wagon. That is the reason for the arched doorway. The barn was built so that you drove in one end, unloaded the hay into the loft by hand, and drove out the other end of the barn.
Looking up into the silo.
These windows are actually between the stable and workroom. The hay would be thrown down from the loft and past through these windows to the cattle and horses on the other side. The windows were hinged for opening.
Small room between the barn and silo. Sorry for the sideways view. For some reason the picture wouldn't turn. More interesting the right way!
Another old barn down the street from there.
I like the color of the silo by this barn.
Old barns still in use.
Poor little log building....Kind of sad.
Peaceful little pond. That boat looks inviting.
Peaceful little river just off the road.
These were taken a week ago. Jeff was working and I went for a drive. I LOVE driving around in the country.
Today we went to 2 nurseries looking for annuals. Found to many! Plus a couple more perennials. lol. I potted some of the annuals up today. A few more to pot up tomorrow. Then as it is warmer now we will plant all the perennials we bought a few weeks ago. I have a few perennials to devide. I rooted some roses last year so I will pot those up for one of my sisters and a friend of mine. I was walking around today and noticed that the Annabelle hydrangea has come up in a few new places. I'll hae to see how rooted those are. I know a few people who would like some. I love this time of year as each day brings new wonders. Oh Yeah, Our Rhodie is blooming for the first time in 7-8 years! I know there was a reason that I told my hubby not to dig it up. We did move it a few years ago though. Guess it likes the new spot.
Happy Mothers Day. Hugs, Teresa