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Sunday, May 27, 2012

Anyone know this other pictures.

Does anyone know what this plant is? It looks somewhat like prairie smoke, but doesn't get the smoke.
Yellow false indigo (Baptisia) It hasn't gotten as big as our purle ones. Guess it will in time. Those have become large shrubs. About 36 inches high and round.
Joseph's coat. (climbing) It is doing so much better in the spot we have it in now.
camassia (sacajawea)
Sideways again. Tanner hates getting picked up. Hot day tougne is as long as his head. lol
Dad put me down! Now!
One side of the backyard. Taken from computer room.
Taken from the other end. Enough room for Tanner and Murphy to play in. Tanner always comes running if he sees me with the camera. He also is our little Bud and follows us around the yard. Taking pictures is so much fun with them as they always walk between the camera and subject. They know they are cute and think they have to be in every picture. I combed Tanner today. (we had hairballs all rolling over the floors) . Corgis are great dogs...but wow do they shed!


  1. What a beautiful garden. Now...tell me, How do you get Tanner to stand sideways like that?;>) Happy Holiday- xo Diana

  2. Your backyard is beautiful, and your flowers,WOW! My Max sheds a whole dog everyday, even when I brush him.
    Happy Monday,

  3. What a beautiful landscape! Love that photo of Joseph's Coat and Tanner is adorable!

  4. Teresa a lovely view of your gardens! Love the orange rose and you have alliums!! I'm going to plant some in the fall so I too can have the big balls!
    Is Tanner a Corgi!! I had a Corgi who now has wings..her name was Ginger. Happy dance all around the woods since bringin Babie home. Now I take Paisley in for her lab work to determine her diagnosis.
    Have a wonderful weekend dancing!


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