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Sunday, June 17, 2012

Made me think and photos from vacation

We found this one at a garden fair while we were on vacation. I love it. It reminds me of how far I have come. For all those years of being depressed and not wanting to live my life to being set free! What an awful time in my life. Now I am off the meds that I was on for years! Still have bad days. But most of my days are very good now. On my worst day I heard a voice telling me to GET HELP NOW. I really fell like it was my grandpa speaking to me He had been gone for a lot of years by then.  It is so sureal that I went through years and years of not caring if I was alive or not. This is heavy, but it was my life for quite a few years.
I think this farm is so pretty! The southwestern part of the state is so much more hilly then the part I live in. This is on the way to Cave Of The Mounds.
Stalagites. It takes 100 years to grow an inch! The colors are from all the minerals in the rock.
The stalagtites and stalamites joined together at this point.
The grounds were very hilly and rocky. It is so pretty with the way they planted around the rocks.
Pelican flower. Olbrich botanical gardens near Madison Wi.
Never saw these kind of orchids before!
Who would ever think these are orchids. I think they are from Africa. So PRETTY!
This an attach bird! Female red wing blackbird. Just ask Jeff. They had a sign when you went into the gardens that the birds are sitting on nests. If they swoop at you just move on. For some reason this one really took a dis-liking to Jeff. It attacked him 3 times. Even after he left the area. It left me a lone though. I told hom that it was just his turn as I kept getting attached by the robin at home! lol.
This was gifted to the universary from the Thialand government. There is a lot of gold leafing. But it is coming off in parts because of people touching it.
This is one of the first walk ways that you come to. Too pretty for words. I could put up many more pictures. But you get an idea of two of the places we visited on vacation. I hope you enjoyed the trip. Hugs, Teresa


  1. Teresa, thank you for sharing your story and your beautiful pictures. My Father suffered from depression and now my son does too. It is such a difficult thing to try and help, from a Mother's perspective anyway. I am glad you are feeling good, alive and ready to meet the demands of the beautiful day.

  2. Teresa-I am so sorry that you have suffered such depression over the years. I have two very good friends that have suffered off and on for years with says it is like a black hole with a pinpoint of light at the top that she feels she can never quite reach. God bless you- Your pictures are beautiful! xo Diana

  3. so glad to read you've found yourself in a new place now - life's a dance...sometimes we find ourselves wanting to sit it out for awhile.

    these are lovely photos..wish we had some hills and barns around here!

  4. Hi Teresa, Yes I know the perils of depression. I was there myself for many years. It's nice to feel normal and be able to enjoy life. Gardening can be so therapeutic, don't you think?

    What a strange bird. :) The only ones that come after me are the hummingbirds but they can be quite aggressive too. We have a couple of Stellar Jays that are eating the cat food now. They're hilarious.

  5. God's majesty! Love the photos.

    Depression is a tough thing endure. Been there. To this day I use a SAD LIGHT (Seasonal Affective Disorder) and it helps me so much!

    I love to plant but I must admit I'm a lousy gardener! :(


  6. I feel for your story, I really do. Life is all about the journey and I think there is a story in everyone.

    So enjoyed your vacation and your photos are beautiful. :)

  7. Those of us who have not gone through the despair of depression can't begin to understand what you have been through...all we can do is be thankful that you are free now.

    What a journey, and I am so glad that you are over the problems that plagued you.

    That is one lovely garden...

    Jen @ Muddy Boot Dreams

  8. I am sorry you had to suffer through this terrible depression but I hope you are in a good place now. These vacation photos are all wonderful! What beautiful sights to see!


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