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Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Beachy kind of day!

A schooner (Lottie Cooper) that was discovered on Lake Michigan off Sheboygan Wisconsin. Fasinates me on how well these schooners were built without all the tools we have now. Wood looks pretty good after being sunk for so long.
Looking down the middle of the schooner
Loas, Hmong and American Veterans Memorial at the beach. A lot of mosiacs...very pretty.
Not sure if this is a B+B or someones home. But looking at some of the boats in the marina it could certainly belong to one of the boat owners. Look at those balconies! They even have walk-ways out to them. The landscaping is fantastic! Right across the street from the beach/ marina.
Guest house? Just to the left of the huge house. Look at all those windows. Great view of the lake.
Deland Park Beach. This beach is huge!  Very beautiful! With lighthouse and marina to the right. Cleanest beach I have seen.
Long walk out to the lighthouse.
The water was gorgeous!
Boats at the marine at Deland Park. Love all the colors.
We had fun watching this kite surfer at General King Park in Sheboygan. He did some flips, etc. He looked like he was having a blast! This is the first time I have ever sen kite surfing.
Beautiful Kite. It can really propel the surfer around. I think you need more muscles then what I have to harness the wind with this! I would love to go when more surfers are there. Both kite surfers and surf boarders. On Labor Day weekend there is a huge competition. This is one of the biggest fresh water competitons in the midwest. I would love to see it. It must be so cool to see all the kite surfers...beautiful and thrilling. The surf boarders would also be fun to see. I saw some in Hawaii. But this is suppose to bring surfers from EVERYWHERE!
We had a beautiful day to go. Weather couldn't have been more perfect! And who doesn't love the beach? Water just relaxes me. Now back to the real world. Hugs, Teresa


  1. Beautiful pictures, I really miss living up North.

  2. What an incredible day. Those houses were amazing, and the kite surfer looked to be having soooo much fun. Thank you. I think that there is a special romance attached to lighthouses.

  3. What a wonderful day and what great images. Gorgeous old homes. xo Diana

  4. Loved the old boat, and the water looks so inviting.

    Jen @ Muddy Boot Dreams

  5. Gorgeous pictures Teresa, thanks for sharing

  6. I just LOVE your victorian house and beach photos.. and that schooner.. WOW!
    ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  7. Lovely pictures, the one of the boats would make a great jigsaw puzzle.
    A big mini hug.


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