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Sunday, November 11, 2012

Been quiet lately.

I really didn't want to bore you all with my problems. But the last couple of weeks at work have been tough for all of us. Our night boss has moved to California. He was so nice to us. If he trusted you to get your work done you would never see him. Was friends with us all. Now the morning boss is in charge of us until they hire a new night manager. He is getting worse each day. Name calling. Snapping at us. He spun around so fast to snap at me I was afraid that he was going to come over the table. Told one girl that she must have had a stroke because she couldn't remember a simple answer. That there is a stroke clinic where we work and she should check it out. One day I got an answer wrong and I said I was just having a dumb day. He said that I hae dumb days every day. I took it as a joke at first as this was the beginning of his meaness, and I said thanks a lot. Think I will go home now. He said that he was leaving soon and could give me a ride if I needed one. Slammed his fist on the desk when one girl asked him a question. There aren't as many guys, but they are getting harrassed also. There is a meeting later this week and some of us are going to talk to the CEO about this. We do not deserve this. I am a hospital housekeeper and we have a high rating for cleansiness. State inspections always come out great. So it is not like we are slacking off. Even then we wouldn't deserve this treatment. No one does. We really think that he is jelous of how well we got a long with our other boss. Thinks we should respond to him the same way. But respect gets respect. Anyway enough of that. Time will tell how things work out. Had to get this off my chest.

This weekend the weather has been so nice and warm. 60's It rained late this afternoon and evening. But it is good for the plants going into winter. We went to a craft fair today. Small but nice. I bought a few handmade greeting cards. Very pretty. Some of the nicest I have seen around here. $2.00 so less then store bought also. Score! Now I wish I would have bought more. People are so talented. My mom and 2 sisters have booths, but took this weekend off as they pretty much sold out last sat. Big shows next weekend. I don't know if I will go or not. I was hoping to see one vender as I had bought a large recieving blanket and bib from her. I want the burp cloth to match. She took my order last weekend, but I haven't heard from her yet that it is done. Hope nothing happened to her. Most crafters try to get orders done fast. So am hoping that she is well. I have seen the material in JoAnn's but I don't want to buy it as I would have too much. ( But guess I could make something with the rest like fabric blocks). The shower is the 24th so there is still time for her to get back to me or decide on what I want to do.
I really can't believe that Thanksgiving is coming up so fast! Mom always said that time goes faster as you age. Guess she was right!
Already looking forward to this! Only about 4-5 months away! lol
Well better go and try to get some rest. I know I worry to much! Hugs, Teresa


  1. It sounds as if your morning boss is an insecure bully. I hope that after you talk to the CEO he is hauled into line. That sort of behaviour is unnecessary, cruel, demoralising and a number of other things I won't defile your blog with.

  2. So sorry you are having a tough time with that boss. Respect your employees and they will respect you. So simple but it seems so hard for some Bosses to understand.
    Sending you positive thoughts,

  3. I worked for a woman like that for three years - the longest three years of my working experience. Every day someone went home in tears, and you never knew which day was yours. She yelled at employees, customers and vendors alike. Not to discourage you, but we talked with HR and nothing was done. She had been there for 25 years and must have had something on someone. I hope it works out better for you. I finally managed to find another job and never looked back. She is still the worst person I have ever met in my life.

  4. Teresa, I worked for 15 years with someone like that...she was so unpredictable and mean, I had been good friends with her all along, until the last few years, they were hell. I cried there every night, and I am a strong person, it was just a viscous circle, and it took a lot for me to leave.

    I still have stress from her....sigh.

    I hope that things work out for you, no one should treat other people like that.


  5. I'm so sorry your going through this. Is he having health problems no one knows about. This can be seen in physical issues such as heart conditions etc... Boy that's a stress no one deserves. Hugs. Tammy


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