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Monday, June 24, 2013

Very pretty sky tonight!

The skys were so pretty tonight that we jumped in the car and buzzed up to the airport to get some pictures.Too many trees where i live to get good shots. Luckily the airport is only about 5 minutes away as it wouldn't last long! It was such a nice pale pink at first.

Then it turned into more pinks and yellows.

A kittle grey started to show it's self.

a little more dark pink with grey!

I think it is almost over for the pink color! 

The pink is getting push down into the ground. until it all went dark. What a wonderful sight this was!! I know that this looks more like a prision with the barbed wire. They are going to make sure that no one gets onto the runways. OUCH!!! I usually don't get to see the sunset as I work evenings. So this was a real treat tonight! I tried to get a picture of the super moon (very orange because of the moisture in the air) But my camera is acting up and wouldn't let me take a picture of that. Probably because the lighting was too dark. My camera is having major problems! Something makes a loud snapping noise when I press the button. Sounds like an electrical short.
So today we bought a new camera. A Canon Power Shot Sx50 HS (digital, not DSLR)
I think I am really going to like this one. It has a view finder (which should come in handy on sunny days)  plus the LCD monitor on the back. The LCD monitor on the back swivels to the side and up and down for different angles, or forward in case you want to include yourself in the scene.  We had this feature before and liked it. We have to put it into the computor and do a few other things before I can use it though. We lucked out as it was on sale on the stores website. We got it for that price and with what we saved it paid for the card and an extra battery. I really have to study this camera as there is a lot you can do with it. Plus the LONG zoom will be great! It will be so nice to have a camera that works....all the time. Does any one use a filter on their lens. What kind? Polerizing? I had one long ago. but can't remember what it was.
Have a great week everyone. Hugs, Teresa
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  1. That is an absolutely gorgeous sky. Thank you. I wandered out to try and capture the super moon last night too - but there was too much cloud and it was invisible. As it is tonight.
    Good luck with your new toy.

  2. Just back from vacation and popping in to say Hi. Love your sky pictures. They are gorgeous-and I think that might be the same camera my daughter just bought. It is amazing! xo Diana

  3. Teresa, love your photos of the beautiful sky. Good luck wit your new camera, you are going to have a bunch of fun with it.

  4. Hi Teresa, Beautiful sky photos. I love how at every second the sky changes and ever so slowly goes dark. It's magical.

    I'm curious. I see that you love making dollhouses. Do you have a fairy or miniature garden? If so where did you purchase the accessories for it? My youngest daughter is working on a mini-garden. I bought a few things online and spent $30 including shipping! I wonder if there is a cheaper way. I'm thinking I'll be on the lookout for Christmas ornaments this December but I wonder if you have any tips you can share? Or point me to a post so you don't have to repeat yourself. Thanks oodles. :)

  5. We had a star filter once long ago. It made the sun appear like a long was really fun to use. Happy new camera


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