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Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Ice and Snow

As you can tell we had an ice storm! But by Saturday I had to get outside. (other then going to work). So I took a drive out to our local sanctuary. The paths were quite icy yet.
Then today we are getting snow. Luckily the ice is gone! We are suppose to get between 4-8 inches. By the time I leave work tonight we are suppose to have winds blowing at 40 miles per hour. Driving home may be fun! But at least I don't live far. A few of the girls live 30 minutes away and with the ice other night it took them each well over an hour. I have a feeling that they will have a fun trip again tonight!
This is our Acrocona with about an inch of snow so far. This one get fluorescent pink cones in spring!
Very snowy puppy! 7 months now. She loves the snow. Look how her hair collects more snow then our corgi's does.  Sorry Tanner I sort of cut you off.
This snowy grey squirrel was very hungry today.
The snow is making these branches hang low, even for a weeping hemlock
Now I know what the wizard does at night. He takes a walk! I still haven't figured out how he got footprints behind him, but no footprints going away!  I took this one at midnight after I got home from work. That blob tot he right is the puppy playing. Right after I took the picture she destroyed the footprints. This was just so weird to see!
One of the robin who didn't fly south. They live on the crabapples and berries still on trees.
This is another visiter we have seen alot of this year. Female redbellied woodpecker.
I don't know why they call this one a redbellied  as there is no red on it's belly. But it is not a redheaded one.
These little sparrows are braving the cold. With the cold and snow we have seen a lot of them. They have to eat a lot to survive. Fresh warm water is also a must.
Even in the snow the birds need to bath.
They really fling the water. Then they sit in the trees all wet.
Another visiter that we have seen a few of this winter. House finch. Much needed color on these grey, snowy days.
Last week we went from -0 with windchills down near -50 to a few days later to having temps in the 30's. There was a 60 degree change in a few days time. This winter has been very cold, very snowy and icy. We are hoping not to lose too many plants with all these tempurature changes. Which can be very hard on the plants.
Have a great week. Hugs, Teresa
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  1. On the other side of the world we are in a heat wave. And will lose plants. I hope some at least recover, but much of the garden has been fried to a crisp.
    I cannot tell you how enticing your photos of cooler temperatures are today. And I hope your garden survives.

  2. Isn't amazing how the world can be so different at the same time? I love your pictures...the tunnel is my favorite. Be careful out there!

  3. Stay warm and safe Teresa. The snow is beautiful but so slippery.

  4. Hi Teresa, All I can say is Brrr... which is what I'm sure you're saying too. I hope you're being careful on those roads. Love the mysterious wizard footprints. (Sound the Twilight music.) LOL


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