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Sunday, October 19, 2014

Colors of Fall.

The orange in these leaves just glowed yesterday! The skies were so blue. I could really see them from a distance.
All the different colors. These hills were on fire!
Another shot of this hill from a different direction.
I love the twisty trunks on these trees.

Zoomed up on this one. These colors in fall always amaze me.
It looks like the red one is saying BOO. the orange one is reacting!
Pop of orange. It really plays off the blue of the sky!
Yellow takes on a orangy tint when in the shadows.
On the first part of the drive I didn't think that I was even going to see much color. We are getting to the end around here. Then I got lost (for miles) and ended up near here and decided to go to the nature center. The woods around the nature center were pretty much done with color. Except for the mountain. Most of the pictures I took were from the highway going past the nature center. Getting lost can be a good thing at times.
Hugs, Teresa


  1. Those are beautiful Fall pictures, Teresa. We have lost most of our leaves, too....too much rain and wind this last few days. A Happy Fall week to you- xo Diana

    1. I was so lucky to find this area still so colorful! All the way there is was pretty blah. There are still a couple of colorful leaves in our neighborhood, but probably not for much longer. The large trees in our yard are done. Maples in the neighbors yards are still colorful. So I was lucky to find an area that had so many colors together. Even if I had to get lost to do it!

  2. Wow, you sure did find some beautiful colored leaves! Bravo!
    ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

    1. I did! Even if I had to get lost to do it! Hugs, The other Teresa

  3. Very pretty fall color - something we don't see a lot of here in Central Florida. We do have a few fall looking trees along about Christmas time.

  4. I am glad I decided to come on line tonight. Looking at you pretty pictures really lifted my tire weary mood!

  5. Oh Wisconsin I miss you so much. Gorgeous photos Teresa.


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