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Saturday, October 8, 2011

Signs of fall

Beautiful mix of orange and yellows.
Leaves of many colors.
Flower bed looking towards suspension bridge
Just like this shot.
Fall colors at our house in this picture.
Bright day to show off the colors!
Looking up the creek.
The rocks in this creek wear leaf hats!
Ducks on the colorful water
Just another shot I like. Don't know why. Just do.
Wouldn't this be a beautiful place to have your wedding! The fall colors just set everything off so nicely.

Except for the mums these were all taken at a park near here. Pamperine Park. It sure has improved since I was a kid. I remember playing there a lot as a kid. Not far from where I grew up. But it was very basic then. But we had fun there. At that time the entrance was a long, steep hill. Our bikes got a real work out! I am so glad that it " grew up"  and people are still enjoying the park. Tomorrow Jeff only has  to work a half day so he gets to check out another place. Covered bridge, mill and small chapel in the woods. Hopefully the colors will be nice there. Have a great sunday everyone. Hugs, Teresa

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