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Sunday, October 16, 2011

Day trip and favorite park

Cave Point Door County Penninsula Wisconsin
Looking through the trees at my favorite park. Cave Point Door County Wisconsin. I have been going here for years!
Trees twisted by wind and spray over the years.
The rock formations are great at Cave Point!
Sun was starting to go down.
Love this area! Funny how the trees grow out of the rocks!
Lot's of toe snatchers, roots, rocks and fallen trees on the ungroomed part of the trail. Outside park prtoper.
This was on the west side of the penninsula. Very windy today. Opposite ide of penninsula from Cave Point.
Not snow! Foam from the waves and wind. West side of penninsula.
Toe snatchers, (roots), rocks and fallen trees to climb over and under.  Not as young as I use to be. But the views are fantastic! It gets the name Cave Point because the waves have created caves in the rocks over the years. I have been going to this park since I was in my twenties! Winters are also great and the spray coats everything and freezes into shapes.  I hope to get up there this winter! Like usual I got the pictures out of order. I don't know what I do wrong.

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