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Friday, December 9, 2011

Albino squirrel and tired lawn ornaments

We had seen this guy earlier in the summer. Today he showed up again the feeder. Though maybe he wasn't around anymore. He seems to be the boss. No one is challenging him for the top spot in the feeder! There are 4 squarrils out there. 3 greys and him It is so funny to see them all chasing each other around. Especially him mixed up with them. He is beautiful with the sun shining on him. Hard to tell in the picture as I had to shoot through two dirty windows (patio and sunroom). Nature is wonderful!
I told Jeff that this looks like carnage! This is the neighbors display deflated for the day. Kind of looks sad to me. I don't get to see them inflated as I work evenings/nights when they are standing.
Cold but very sunny today. About 19 degrees F. We do have a windchill. Not sure what the temps are with that. But the sun makes it seem nicer. Glad that it is friday. Tomorrow we will finish the Christmas shopping. Jeff has his knee scoped (tear and ganglion cyst) on tuesday so we want to get the shopping. etc done before then. We don't have many to buy for so it doesn't take us long. Just to figure out what to buy. Can't believe that Christmas is in 16 days! Where has the year gone. Like mom always said...the older you get the faster time goes by.
Have a great day, Teresa

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  1. I love that squirrel! We feed them all our stale cereal/chips. Really hate when the birds steal their food!! ;o)


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