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Friday, December 2, 2011

Mini city! This is mind boggling!

This is something else. All of life is there. From cars, trucks, cities, country, to ambulances, fire trucks, etc. This you must see.
Life is better. Feeling much better. So that makes my mood pick up. :)
Very sunny day today, which also helps. Suppose to rain and snow this weekend. I hope it holds off as we want to get our tree. Then it will really look like Christmas is coming. Jeff was off the other day and he put out a lot of the table, etc decorations. Now just to get the tree!
Went and got fitted for my orthodics yesterday. Hopefully that will help take care of the pain in my feet, hip and knees. Really off balance with my old orthos. Feet change with time. But as they are about 12+ years old they did their job. Really should have gone ALOT sooner, but they worked good until last spring. This should put everything back into alignment. Like I said I had been putting off new ones as they are so expensive and I don't look forward to breaking them in! But there comes a time when you just have to bite the bullet. lol. I will probably kick myself when I feel better for waiting so long. Oh Well such is life.
Not much else new here. FRIDAY! Last day of work for the week. Job is stressful the last couple of months. The new company that manages us now does everything by numbers. So much square feet, this is what you can clean in so much time! I would like to see them do that. Of course I do it as I would rather skip a break then to leave a room not fully cleaned. Luckily 5 of my rooms are offices so I don't have to do much in them each week. But of course they took that into count. :~  Oh well as I said before...such is life.
Well off to work I go. Everyone have a great weekend. Hugs, Teresa

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