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Saturday, January 28, 2012

Light from Heaven!

May the light of God's grace fall on this farm!
More light from Heaven! Much brighter in person.
Too bad that so many barns are looking like this now. Actually 2 barns in this picture. But going 65 miles per hour doesn't give you much time to set the shot. Plus no where to pull over on this highway!
Jeff gassing up for our get-away.
The place we wanted to go to wasn't open when we got there. But it was nice to take a drive. It is so wierd to see the fields so snowless. This is not a typicle January. Not complaining at all. Hopefully we will be ablr to go to Cave Point tomorrow. Jeff goes back to work half shifts on monday. His knee is better, but still on some restrictions. Which of course it's means we won't be able to hike yet, but there are places in the park we can get to. Hope to have pictures tomorrow or monday. Remember to double click the pictures to see them better.  Hugs, Teresa

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