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Sunday, January 29, 2012

Icy day trip. Caves and ice sculptures

Driving into Cave Point Park in Door County Wisconsin
Just a few ice cycles on the rocks!
Very icy from the water splashing on the rocks.
Standing on the rocks was very cold. But only way to see down the shoreline.
Puddle. Wierd ice formation on it.
Then to Broadway Street in Green Bay to see the ice sculptures. This was part of the largest sculpture.
Largest ice sculpture was in front of a huge candy store.
Duck with baby duck on her back.
Girl doing gymnastics. I am surprised that the arms could support this weight.
It was a very cold day, but so nice to get out. We could tell that the winds haven't been out of the east as there would have been ice hanging off the trees above the rocks at Cave Point. When it is cold and the winds are right there is ice hanging off everything. But it was very pretty anyway. Hard to get good shots in the winter. Colors never come out just right.  Click twice on the pictures to see them better. Hugs, Teresa

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