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Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Even with the drought

Astralagus Canadenses    Very different flowers. All green.
Some of our 50+ daylilies
Wild quanine (prairie plant) with Ruby Star coneflower
? lost the tag for this one. It is saying "GIVE ME RAIN"

Blanket flower
Strawberry allium. The bees love them.
We did get a tiny bit of rain the other day! This is off the sunroom roof so it looks like a lot more rain then there really was.
Compass Plant flower. Another prairie plant. Tap root goes down 10 feet or more. Not easily moved. Sunflower type flower. But I love this shot.
Salome Double Booked daylily. All lined up.
Green Envy coneflower
Red Shed Lavender daylily ( Solaris Farms Wi. bred)
Midnight Embers daylily ( Rosehill Gardens Onieda Wi bred)  Very rich reddish brown.

Even with the loss of rain these last couple of months the plants are doing great! There are a couple of trees though that are infested with japanese beetles. Skellitizing the leaves. We have picked a few tomatoes so far, green peppers are starting to get size, beans are budding, cukes are running, carrots are growing, hopefully not just the tops. lol. I just checked the radar...there is no rain at all in the state! It is suppose to be another dry week. The corn fiels are getting very dry. I don't know if the crop can be saved yet. Floods, Fire and drought. Kind of scarey!
I have been working on my Greenleaf Dollhouse contest build. Nothing spectacular, but I like it. Another month or so (deadline Labor Day) and I can show pictures. I can't believe the artistry of some of the builders! Looking at the pictures you wouldn't believe that these are dollhouses! Wish I had their talent. But am pleased with how mine turn out. Each contest pushes me to try new methods. I do have a couple of my houses in my side bar.
Well I had better go. Supper to be made. (What do you call the evening meal). Hugs, Teresa


  1. Based on your pictures you would never know there is a drought, the flowers are beautiful, Can't wait to see pictures of your project, have a great time working on it.

  2. You do have a wonderful collection of flowers, love to look at the photos, and dream of having some of them in my garden.

    Jen @ Muddy Boot Dreams

  3. Your flowers are spectacular! We've had some good rains and everything is so green here in FL this year. Let me know when you post pics of your dollhouse! I can't wait to see it!


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