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Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Rain! Glorious rain!

Enough rain on the roof to give the rain chain a work-out!
This little guy was getting very dry. Not sure if he is a frog or toad. I don't know if toads can climb. Never really thought of it.  ut he was just hanging around.
Rain drops on the plaintain. I love the bluish stems on this plant.
Just because I love my daylilies. This is one of the most colorful out there right now. But with 50+ I would be hard pressed to say what my favorite is!
Our cactus is blooming! Hopefully the part on the left will keep growing as usually the mother dies out after blooming.

We were almost ready to concede to the elements and admit that we were going to lose some plants if the rains didn't come soon. ( we had 20 days in the 90's, yesterday was 89!). Watering from the hose just is not the same as rain water. Luckily most of the plants were in for a few years. That has helped a lot with their making it in the drought. But plants are a miracle and they bloomed like crazy. I am so glad that we brought the 20 yards of mulch in this spring. At least the watering we did stayed in the ground. The lawn is dormant right now. But I bet it will green up again now. This weekend is suppose to VERY hot again. But my mood is great now and I will deal with that when it comes again. Hugs, Teresa


  1. We finally got some rain too! Didn't you feel like you had won the lottery? xo Diana

  2. No rain for us and THAT puts me in the worst of moods. I love your little froggie friend (or toadster). :) I love them except when they pee. :)

    Hope your day is wonderful!



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