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Sunday, September 2, 2012

No pictures again. But here is a link to my dollhouse contest entry. pictures

I wanted to put pictures of my dollhouse entry. But again I can't seem to load them on here! I will let you see them as soon as Blogger will let me add pictures to my posts again. This is so frustrating! Anyone else having problems with this again?
BUT... Here is a link to my Facebook account if you want to see them.


  1. Hi Teresa, that's not good when you can't upload photos. I have heard a few bloggers mentioning problems...did you try to google a solution?

    Jen @ Muddy Boot Dream

  2. That is a truly enchanting dollhouse. I really hope that blogger will let you put up photos again SOON. Good luck.

  3. Hi Teresa,

    I can't load pictures either, but that is because due to my computer I can't get the lastest version of google. When I get another computer things will be better. In the meantime I have to use a different one.
    Good luck with yours.


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