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Sunday, December 8, 2013

Alphabet in Nature==A challenge I was in!

A man who writes a gardening column for our local papers ( alot of the state papers are run by the same company. Gannette). Has challenaged us for the last few weekends on his Facebook page. Yard Md. This weekend was (is still) alphabet in nature. We were to take pictures of letters of the alphabet as you see them in bark, tree branches, rocks, etc. Where-ever you see a letter.
The one I have on the top picture is the letter O.  


This bees attenea are a perfect V

Egrets neck is an S

This begonia has a lot of P's.  Or small r's depending on what You see.

I will post the next two on his page later. The tree has a V

This monarch has some M's in it's markings!
Last week we had to pake pictures of grey. Which could be greys, greyish browns, silvers, etc.
The weekend before was browns.
These challenges are fun. Plus they make you look at things differently.  Who knows what he will have us do next weekend!!!
Dark, gloomy and small snow flurries here today. The highest tempurature we had today was 10 degrees F. And that is now at 3:30pm. Windy also. It doesn't take long to feel cold when you go outside with this weather! I was hoping to get out and take some eagle pictures. But too cold to be by the water for me. There is a city not far from here where the bald eagles winter over. I guess yesterday there where 8 adults and 16 immature ones roosting in a grove of trees! They hae been around for the last week or so. They are suppose to all over that area starting in Jan. (at least if it is like other years).
I did some Christmas shopping today. We don't have many to buy for. I hope you are all having a good holiday season. (Thanksgiving , Christmas and New Years). Hugs, Teresa
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  1. Stunning photos - for a very interesting challenge.
    Christmas is still winning here. I have more shopping to do, a few gifts to post, most of the wrapping and a lot of baking.
    All I want for Christmas is Boxing day.
    Stay warm, stay safe.

  2. What a fun challenge. You did great finding all those letters! xo Diana

  3. Beautiful pictures Teresa, That is so fascinating about the bald eagles, I hope you get to see them.


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