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Monday, December 2, 2013

Day trip at a farm

This farm was an alpaca farm. They come in so many colors! Yhis was the fluffiest. They look so soft. But they didn't come close so I don't know.Isn't that coat gorgeous!
More colors. And look at that Cria!

I see spots!!! Isn't this just crazy! He made me smile.

There is a log cabin from 1880 there. They had an art sale going on. It is now the place they use for sales, etc. So interesting.

Then there were Emus. Two of them. They are such crazy looking birds! They make such a different sound. I can't really describe it. Kind of a humm.

This guy had a crazy hair day. Well I guess more then one day.

Close up of emu feathers. Look how they overlap. Not at all like other bird feathers. They make the whole bird look round.

My what big feet you have!

Now he is beautiful! Looks like he is on stilts! He is making sure that the ladies are o.k. At least I think that is what he is doing. :)

His ladies! Seems like everything on that farm comes in many colors or textures.

These were the "guard" dogs of the gift shop. You had to walk over them to get inside. They just laid there taking in the world! 

Just an interestin barn door over run with vines. I like the contrast!

Just a silly Alpaca face.

Of course you have to have at least one cat on a farm. He didn't like attention at all! Sure he didn't!!

Then I went a little way farther down the road and ended up at Lake Michigan. I love how the ice and snow stuck to this piling and then the wind whipped it around. There was snow and ice all along the shoreline. I did find a place to soak my foot though. Who would have thought that the water would be on this side of the ice/snow line. lol.

Just another picture with more ducks. Love the green heads.

The waves were coming in at a fast clip. Not huge, but they sure made themselves known. I love the water and while I was in the vacinity I had to go there. Trying to make the most of my days off before winter comes in. It was in the 30's today. Which was so nice.
On facebook a gardening guy has a page. He works for our newspaper. Well for a paper in Appleton. But our paper is run by the same company so we do get some of his articles in our paper. Well any way, the Yard MD has put out photo challenges. This weekend was grey. I think I managed to find grey things to take pictures of. :) These
"challenges" have really made me look at things differently. See things that I might never have noticed before. So it is helping me grow in my hobby of photography. It has been fun. I wonder what he will think up for us next weekend!
Otherwise there isn't a lot going on here. We did have a good Thankgiving. Alot of family and food. I can't believe that it is Dec already. I really don't know where Nov. went!
I hope everyone has a great week. Try to take it easy and don't stress over getting ready for Christmas. I know, I know it is less then 3 weeks away now. Hugs, Teresa 
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  1. What a wonderful day.
    We have a lovely gentleman in town who takes his alpacas (Butterscotch and Honey) to nursing homes and the hospice to visit the residents.
    And I was completely blown away when Butterscotch came to a funeral - because the woman who passed away had loved her so much when she visited the hospice.

  2. You fixed your comment section! Woohoo! Loved all the photos, especially the animals and the log cabin. Good for you for getting out and about!!

    *H*A*P*P*Y* * *H*O*L*I*D*A*Y*S*!*!*!*

    ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  3. I love the alpaca's and the spotted llama. Wishing you a wonderful week Teresa,


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