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Thursday, August 25, 2011

What a week!

Our kids. Tanner and Murphy
Murphy wa sgetting a little tired of Tanner not wanting to stay still.
Murphy had to go to the vet to have his mouth looked at. He had some teeth pulled 2 weeks ago. So just a check to see how he is doing. Mouth is healing nicely. But for some reason he would hardly eat anything for about 4 days. So we thought that it might be his mouth. problem there. But is on anti- b's for one more week just in case a infection is trying to start up. Anyway while we were there they checked his anal glands. Lump! He stayed there for the afternoon and had x-rays. No cancer in his lymph nodes, stomach, kidneys, etc. But will need to have it taken out as there is no way to be certain that the lump doesn't have cancer in it or won't become cancerous. So next week he has surgery. Not cheap. But when we got pets we knew that the responsibility for their health was up to us. Well as far as it can be anyway, there are somethings that can't be controlled. So we are having the surgery done Wendsday. I don't think that I could handle it if we didn't and something worse would happen. Guess I would always question our decision.  At least we are trying. These guys are like our kids (we don't have human ones).
Tues I go in for 2 extractions of teeth and a partial. So next week will be a very full week for us!
We had a lot of rain yesterday. Kind of blew over our tallest plants. I have to get out there and stake them up again. But at least it is at the end of these plants blooming season so I may just cut them down and see if they will rebloom on shorter stems. I will have to see if they have a lot of buds yet. We needed the rain but not the winds. But of course beggers can't be choosers!
WOW guess I should get to bed. Just looked at the clock...3:20 am! See you tomorrow.

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