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Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Isn't nature wonderful...

This is one of my favorite plants! It gets about 8-9 feet tall. Gets sunflower type flowers on top and the best that the leaves form into a cup to catch rain water for the birds. You can see the water in the 2nd photo. Doesn't collect much in each "bowl" but there are A LOT od bowls. Very useful on the prairie. But once you plant it you really can't move it. The roots go down anywhere from10-15 feet. BIG tap root. Birds and butterflies love it. Of course it is a bee magnet also. Isn't nature wonderful! 
I had 2 teeth taken out today and a partial put in. All I can feel is plastic! Weird feeling. Doesn't hurt that much, but eating is hard. Guess that gets better with time. Next week I get it tightens so I hope that helps. Right side, roof and inside of left side is all plastic. I didn't think it would be this big. But I will get use to it. Guess it just takes time. I couldn't sleep at all last night. Don't know if I was worried about this being done or what. I am going to bed soon. I feel exhausted! See you all tomorrow, Teresa

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  1. Love the plants!!!!!

    When I was in third grade I lost my first molars and there were NO BIG MOLARS waiting to come in. I had to wear a partial plate until I was old enough that my next set of molars grew in. I still have gaps in the back where my baby teeth once where and the big teeth never grew in. Years of wearing braces didn't help one bit... You'll get use to it!



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