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Sunday, November 20, 2011

Give me thunder, Give me fireworks, but....

DON'T give me a football game! If we get exited about a Packer football game Tanner jumps on the couch and stares into the corner. Thunder storms don't scare him at all (even though you had to hold his paw if he has to go out in the rain, doesn't like rain in his face at all). Fireworks don't bother him at all. We aren't loud at all during the game...but if we say go, go, go or touchdown he jumps up on the couch and hides his face. After a couple of minutes he stares at Jeff like he is saying enough of that. Then runs over to him to be petted. Until the next play! Just don't lay on that end of the couch as he will sit on you. No matter what body part is there. Head, body etc.  That is his corner when the game is on.  
Last night I made pineapple up-side down cake for Jeff. Gluten Free. Turned out good. I used a gluten free yellow cake mix (man that stuff is expensive) for a start and added from there. Luckily we can find enough for him to eat in regular food. If we had to buy all Gluten Free we would go broke! But sometimes you have to splurge. You would be surprised to see what all has gluten in it. Even some meats if they has solutions added. We buy certain brands of chicken as we know that no solution is added to it. Goes for other kinds of meat also. Then check on the gluten web site often to make sure nothing has changed. But he feels so much better since he was diagnosed and started eating right for him. Of course I can't eat a lot of his kinds of foods as they are high in carbs. Like breads, cookies, etc. Which I shouldn't be eating anyway. I have been kind of lax with my diabetis diet and have to get back on track.
Pretty dark and gloomy today...but it is November in Wisconsin. I can't believe that it is the 20th already! Christmas will be here before we know it!
Chicken veggie soup in the crockpot. I make plenty so that we have some to freeze. Starting to smell really good in here! I freeze a lot of food. Especially things that Jeff can eat. That way we always have something good for the times we are in a hurry. Plus Jeff can pull out abaked chicken breast or something when I have something that he can't have. Better then him having a hot dog when I have pizza.
Well a few things more to do. Hugs, Teresa


  1. Glad you found my blog. I'm following you. Hope you visit again. I've added your blog to my Other Great Sites list

  2. Thank you for looking at my blog and going the round about way to comment. Several of my friends tell me they are unable to leave comments. Funny about your dog's reaction to the games.


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