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Friday, November 18, 2011

Nature in slow motion...WOW!

I love this one. Really close up shots of birds and bees. Like a ballet!
Not much going on around here. A lot colder then it had been. Guess we have to admit that winter is on it's way. :(  The yard looks so different with all the perennials cut back. When you go from over 300 perennials down to stubs it looks very bare out there! But I did just buy a pray plant that is very colorful. It has pink, white and green stripes. I need to take a picture to show you how pretty it is. It is also a burguny color on the bottom of the leaves. Now to repot it. I really need to have house plants especially in the winter. A little green goes a long way.
They say change is good, but....we are going through so many changes at work now with the new managers that it getting everyone very stressed out. Our hospital brought in an international company to manage us housekeepers. All of our areas have increased. They go by square footage. You should be able to clean so much square footage in so much time. NO MATTER what you run into! O.K. enough whining! I hope you enjoy the video. I did! Hugs, Teresa

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  1. Hi Teresa! Thanks for the video, it's wonderful! I love it!


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