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Sunday, December 30, 2012

Snow, snow, snow. The boys love it!

2nd big snow of the year. This one was taken at a park near here. I wanted to take more pictures, but they were clearing the parking lots. Had just started so will have to go back.
Our Harry Lauder's Walking Stick really caught the snow in his branches. It really shows up the twisty branches and catkins.

A spruce in the yard behind us. Hangs over our fence.  Pretty with it's caps of white.

I have arms and I am going to get you!!! Weeping Norway Spruce. I had this one at my house before we got married. I dug him up and brought him with me. He is a dwarf so he does grow slowly. I also dug up a small Japanse maple. Also a weeping tree. We have 4 different kinds of  weeping trees, so I guess you would say that we have a collection. One has bright pink cones in the spring. I love the form.

Neighborhood trees.

Tanner digs his own trails. You can see the one that Jeff dug. Tanner makes branches from there.

Tanner! Were you rolling in the snow again?  Snow doesn't stick to him as badly as it does to Murphy.
Another path started. A lot of work for the little, short legged guy. Maybe that is why he makes a good snow plow though.  :)

 Just a minute, I have to clean my face off. YUMMY.

See what I mean. Murphy's coat is a snowball magnet! :(   They are NOT easy to remove! He looks like he has mini snowballs coating him!  But he loves the rub down with the towel. He gets all excited and runs through the house and slides across the carpet.

It seems that now that it remembered how to snow it doesn't want to stop.  I guess the nice thing is that as soon as it starts getting grey from dirt we get a nice white layer again. We had 3 difficult driving days so far. Snow is not my favorite thing to drive on. But our boys sure love it.
I can't believe that a New Year starts at midnight tomorrow! I have to work tomorrow night. I am so hoping that I get home before all the drunks leave the bars! But should be o.k. as I get done at 11:30. I will get home just in time to see the New Year roll in. There are some changes I would like to make in my life and lifestyle. Things I could change about me. I seem to be getting more negative about some things and I would like to change that.  But I need to think about the steps I need to make to do that. I am determined to be a better person. Anyone making any big changes in the new year?
Anyway I hope everyone is blessed in the New Year.
Hugs, Teresa


  1. Wow, you did get a lot of's always fun to have snow at Christmas time.

    The dogs look so happy with it all, and that's great.

    Teresa, have a great new year, and drive carefully home from work.


  2. How beautiful. And a big happy new year to you and to yours.

  3. Beautiful pictures, the boys sure look like they are having a wonderful time,
    Happy New Year,

  4. Tanner and Murphy sure do seem to be enjoying the snow.

    How cute.

    Happy new year.



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