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Sunday, December 23, 2012

Afer the snow. Our yard and a road trip

Stormy, stormy night. I took this one about 12:30 am the night of the storm. Thursday Dec 20 2012

Jeff made some trails for the dogs. As you can see they made some of their own.

The trees are plastered with snow. It was VERY wet. We received about 10 inches. If it were a fluffier snow it would have measured at least 12 inches. Plus with the winds there would have been white-outs. We could hear the wind slamming against the house. I felt like the drive to work was worse then the drive home. More snow to grip the tires. The drive to work was slushier and slippier.

It really piled up on the spruce.

Much more and the angel would be blowing her horn for help!  That spot always seems to have less snow then the other parts of the yard.

This building is on the Fox River in DePere Wi. By the dam. I don't know what they use it for. Wondering minds want to know. :)  I think it is a facinating house. I would love to see the inside. It would be a cool dollhouse!

Horses enjoying a nice sunny day. Their coats just glowed in the sun!

A creek in the Chase, Wisconsin area.

The creek on the other side of the road. The sun was going down and was lighting up the trees. It really put some color in the photo.

So many of the trees looked like this along the road. I wish I could have gotten them from the other direction as the sun made them sparkle. But there wasn't anywhere to pull over.  Too much snow on the shoulders of the road. I had to park on the entrance of a side street to get this one.

There were trees like this on each side of the road. So pretty!

It was so nice to get out today! I had to drive out into the country to get pictures of white snow. Getting pretty grey already in the city. But sure not complaining as I like to go on road trips! Just wish I could have started out earlier. But that is the way it goes.
Tomorrow is a ham baking, truffle making day. I never made these truffles, but they look so good. Gluten free so Jeff can eat some. I will also give some to my mom. Truffles are her favorite candy.
I have to work Christmas Eve. But it should be a short shift. I am a housekeeper at a local hospital. But it should be slow in the dept I clean. But other rooms will be used and need to be cleaned.
I can not believe that Christmas is only 3 days away!!!
Merry Christmas everyone.
Hugs, Teresa


  1. Thank you so much. I loved this snowy sequence. And I love the dog trails - of course they made their own as well.

  2. Beautiful pictures Teresa, have a wonderful Christmas.

  3. Blessings to you sweet friend. May your Christmas be beautiful and your New Year blessed!

    Love to you~Rebecca

  4. What beautiful images. Merry Christmas to you! xo Diana


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