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Sunday, May 19, 2013

Pelicans in Wisconsin!

I can't get enough of these guys. They are so interesting! They are only about 5-6 miles from me, but I never went there! Now I have been there twice this weekend.
Love the reflection! They just look so peaceful. Well, most of the time anyway. I did see some bill clacking. Hitting bills of other pelicans.
These two were giving each other the evil eye just minutes before I took this shot.
This one makes me crack-up! They never land to gracefully, but this one really had problems!
I wish I could get a clear shot with a blue sky. My camera is strange when it comes to trying to get a shot with the sunlight. But I actually got a fairly decent picture of a bird in flight. I need a faster camera! Also a bigger zoom. Won't be a DSLR though. Just can't afford that.
O.K. students. ALL TOGETHER NOW!
YUP! Still There!
Walkway to the bird viewing platform.
These birds are by the dam.
Another one in flight!
O.k I am getting carried away!

Pelicans and cormorants. I had to zoom all the way as they were out a long ways.
The catfish were spawning. Loads of cats in there! In about a week they will move out into deeper water.

As you can tell I am obessed with pelicans! I saw one with a huge catfish in it's bill today. But he spit it out before I could get the picture. It was laying in his pouch! I knew they were around, but have seen more flying over this year then any other year. Just don't think of them living around here. We also have brown ones at times. Haven't seen those yet. Nature is so great. Have a great week everyone! Hugs, Teresa


  1. I love pelicans and never tire of seeing them. For some reason I had a mental block about them and, until I went to Antarctica, kept calling them albatrosses. I knew it was wrong, but it came out of my mouth that way every time. (I no longer make that mistake.)

  2. Wow, you did get some great shots, imagine being able to go and see them when you want.

    I think we might get the occasional brown pelican on the coast, but not up here.


  3. Our pelicans are more grayish in color, I love your. You have to be right on the water to see them. When I drive to work I go over a bridge and they are often flying right beside me,awesome.

  4. I walked up to a pelican when I was little and it let me pet it...I was four and I've never forgotten it. Oh for a camera back then!

    LOVE IT!



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