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Monday, May 6, 2013

Birding kind of day!

This goose was just swimming on by. Looked so peaceful.
The pelicans are back in Green Bay. I saw some large flocks lately.So cool to see. Just never thought of pelicans in Wisconsin! We also have brown ones around here.
One lonely seagull. Actually they are never lonely as there are SO MANY OF THEM.  In the right setting they are kind of pretty though.
There were a lot of red wing blackbirds along the shore line.
Daffs in full bloom. It is so good to see flowers!
Today was a bird finding kind of day. I went pelican hunting. With my camera of course. Which is really acting up. I need one with a much stronger zoom. I am really pushing the limits with it. Gets really shakey when I use it at full zoom. I do expect some shakiness, but this is unreal. At times I get a grey picture. Just being weird. But at least I can edit them on the computer and throw out the bad ones! Over 85 of those today. Some of the problem is the camera, but I am also trying to push it past it's limits. So I will take some of the blame. Hold on camera! I will be lost without you.  But it was a perfect day out today! Sunnier side and warm. It is so great to get out and not have to deal with ice and snow! Shhh...I better not say that out loud. Haha.
I also went to a nursery for a container planting class. There were 3 of us there. I planted one with the hummingbirds in mind. I am hoping to draw them closer to the house. I also bought a ginger plant (never had one before), a ribbon bush (never had that one either) and a baby tut. I had one last year and love them. I will get a King Tut yet. But his didn't look the greatest. They now have a Queen tut also. Not as big as the King. Next weekend we are planning on going to The Flower Factory. We make that a yearly thing. there are 15 greenhouses with plants inside, in front of, between, and behind each one! 1000's of varieties. We are getting more selective though as we are beginning to get tight on space here. We do need to find more rabbit resistant plants for the front yard. Of course nothing is rabbit proof. Ask our junipers! It finally feels like spring here! Hopefully it will stay now. Friday was 33 degrees. It has to stay nice soon....doesn't it! We did buy a couple of annuals this weekend, but they will spend their nights in our sunroom (3 season room). Oh I forgot!  A sandhill crane flew over the house this afternoon. I know that there is a pair about 2 miles away from here, but never saw them fly over our neighborhood. So cool to see!
Have a great week everyone. Hugs, Teresa


  1. YOur bird pictures are beautiful. I try to find plants that are deer proof, but since the deer around here change their likes and dislikes all the time that is hard to do.

    Have fun plant shopping,

  2. How wonderful to enjoy a spring day and see all kinds of birds. We went to a wildlife park yesterday and saw quite a few, too. I always get excited. But sometimes it's hard to get good photos! You did great!

  3. Sounds like a fun class...I must remember to put up the feeders.


  4. Aren't those ring wing black birds striking. They are all over the Indiana corn fields here and I never grow tired of seeing them. I love your photos as always. T

  5. Gorgeous pics... Four Red Birds were frolicking :) in my backyard today. I was hoping they'd stay while I grabbed my camera but it wasn't meant to be. They had more important things to do than to wait on moi.



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