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Wednesday, May 15, 2013

We have bloomers!!!

Daffs are still hanging on! But it won't be for much longer. But they are such a welcome sight in the spring!
Our Fern leafed peoney is ready to bloom. I counted 12 bbuds on this plant. I think it will start opening in a couple of days. Doesn't it look like a forest? All seperate tiny trees.
These are Merry Belles. Seems like they just emerged and they were blooming.
Prairie Smoke. Well the smoke is coming. I think the flowers are pretty also. Soon the flowers will get wispy and the who;e plant will look like it is smoking.
Our magnolia. We just planted it two weeks ago. I love the centers! So unique! At least we got to see most of the flowers. We had a freeze on monday morning. Poor flowers took a hit. Now it is suppose to get up into the 70's again. We have been anywhere between 30's and the 80's the last few weeks.

Pretty bud just opening.
I kove the color! This is the only magnolia we have.
This is one iris I would love to find! It is called Wintery Sky. I think it is just gorgeous! I could probably order it, but would love to find it here.
We went down to The Flower Factory on Sat. We usually make the trip once a year. It is about 2 1/2 hours from here. This place has 15 greenhouses, with plants inside, in front of, between, and behind each one. Huge gardens to walk through and get ideas from. We came home with 3 peoneys, 3 cleamtis, and about 12 other perennials. This place is where we had gotten a lot of our more unusual plants. This weekend I am going to go to places around here for annuals. We have a 3 season room so we will keep them in there until we KNOW that we won't get another freeze. I lOVE this time of year. It is always fun to see what is NEW and EXCITING! I will go with plants that we rely on and a few new to us ones. Now off to bed ( with dreams of flowers and lots of color).
Have a great day everyone. Happy planting to all who love flowers. Hugs, Teresa


  1. Isn't it exciting. Planning, wishing, dreaming. Gardens really are the stuff of magic.

  2. Oooooooh yesterday we noticed a pink peony getting ready to open. I think I should get dressed and go see if she has. I get so excited for about 2 weeks then die off on me. They are far too short lived. My husband adores purple iris!! I still have yet to put any in but I will get to it soon enough. He loves helping with the gardening so this helps me. I love your photos as always. Hugs. tammy

  3. What a lovely way to go to sleep dreaming of flowers and colors, perfect.

  4. Love everything, it all looks wonderful. Sorry about the freeze, what a shame.



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