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Saturday, September 3, 2011

Grandma's Pie

Grannie made such beautiful pies! One day I asked her, how do you get such beautiful pies with crimps around the edges so even. "It's a family secret, she said, so promise not to tell"! I roll the dough out, then cut the botto, out carefully put it in the pie plate. Then I slowly pour the filling making sure that it isn't too full. Next I cut out the top layer and put it over the filling. Finally I take my teeth out and run them around the edge of the pie crust. They make the nicest even impressions you have ever seen!

I like this one! lol.
We had some wicked thunder and lightning storms today. We did luck out though as we only had one large branch break off. With over 300 perennials we only had 2 casualties. hey might still recover though. Just not as nice as they were, at least for this year. The branch just missed our sunroom. All I could see when I stepped into the sunroom was the crown of the limb and a sea of leaves. At first when I got outside I thought that we had lost a lot of plants. I was almost afraid to pull the limb away. Someone must really be watching out for one of the tree peoneys as it has been hit so many times and has only lost a few branches here and there. Most of the brach fell on the path leading to the arbor. The end of the branch landed about 2 feet in front of the arbor. Couldn't have fallen any better. We were blessed that it didn't fall on the house. There are a lot of people that have been out of power around here going on 18 hours. Worst part is that people are calling their insurance agents and hearing that because of the holiday weekend no one can get out to the houses until tuesday! Yeah, I have a hole in my roof. But it can't be taken care of until tuesday! I can see if this was a huge storm like on the east coast and thousands or more homes were affected, but because of a holiday...
I don't have a lot of plans for the weekend. Jeff has to work. I want to work on the dollhouse and also go through my closet. Weed out the sweatshirts that I won't wear anymore. Those I am planning to cut up and make into mittens for the homeless shelter. Should be nice and warm. OHHH Jeff let me trace your hand.  Mostly guys there so I will need to make bigger pairs. Nothing fancy. Just for warmth. Don't really want to think about it, but winter will be here before we want it to be. So best I start now.
Weather is suppose to be nice here. I hope everyone has a great weekend. Hugs, Teresa


  1. Our limbs missed the house, thank goodness, though there was a lot of damage. Since then, I've been hearing of all the awful flooding in our area, one man we know has 3 feet of water in his house. Others still don't have power. So in the end, I know that we were very lucky.


  2. Teresa, your old blog is looking very much alive and well!! Looks like it's resurrected itself. The same thing happened to Sabiha recently.

    (I found you over here thru your comment on Claudia's post).


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